“Moonlight” Hits A Couple Snags

…and in a good way.
so guess what movie was nominated for 5 golden globes?
a foxholer sent me the good news via queerty

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards will not feature nearly as many LGBTQ nominees as last year, but those who were nominated are up for the biggest prizes of the year. And more than a few movies and television shows featuring positive representation of the community are among the nominees.

With six nominations, the gay-themed coming of age drama “Moonlight” was narrowly edged out by the Hollywood love letter “La La Land,” which took home seven nominations, as announced Monday morning by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in Los Angeles.

Barry Jenkins’s acclaimed drama about a black gay man in Miami at three stages of his life is seen as a strong contender against what the Guardian called “a hymn to old Hollywood.” “Moonlight’s” haul included nominations for best picture, best director, best screenplay, best original score, best supporting actor for Mahershala Ali and best supporting actress for Naomie Harris.

this is trevante rhodes first movie role.
naomie harris said she didn’t even want the role.
mahershala ali cried when he read the script.
now look…
i’m so glad this film got recognized during award season.
it definitely deserved it.
i wish they would have put a love scene between black and kevin tho.
i woul have busted open in that theater.

lowkey: some snow bunnies at work said they cried so bad watching it.
why didn’t i cry?

article taken: queerty

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on ““Moonlight” Hits A Couple Snags”

  1. I agree. I was waiting for that love scene and when it didnt happen and the movie ended i was so mad. it is still a great movie though

  2. This movie just earned (6) NAACP Image Awards. I am soo proud of this film.There is buzz that this film may just pick up some Screen Actor Guild Awards and an Oscar nomination.

  3. Loved this film and I will be seeing it again soon. Happy for all of its success! And I’m happy that two gay Black men are at the helm. Hope they take it all this award season.

  4. Moonlight Recent won the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Best Acting Ensemble and Best Supporting Actor

  5. I didn’t cry either. Honestly, I was stunned at seeing so many facets of myself on the screen. I sat speechless for a second.

    But I think movies like this, that force others to really see that we can’t be broadly generalized according to race, sexuality, etc., uproots some people emotionally.

    Sooooo happy this film is getting its due. Mahershala tho…. could get it. All of it.

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