so about the “2019 golden globes”…

so they announced the 2019 “golden globes” nominees today.
i’m just gonna post who i’m rooting for in a wonderful collage…

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When Oprah Gives A Speech (We Listen)

one of my biggest dreams is to meet auntie o.
oprah winfrey for those who don’t know.
it’s on my bucket list.
true story:o magazine” use to come into my last job.
this one particular vixen always came to look for me.

it never failed i told her how much i admire/want to meet oprah.
she even gave me a special edition “o” mag before it came out.
i still have and cherish it.

i still have her number/email.
i gotta update her on what’s happening with me.
i wanted to share oprah’s speech at the ’18 golden globes last night.
she received the cecil b. de mille award and this is what she said…
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“Get Out” Was Only Funny For The RaCoons

i found nothing amusing about “get out”.
i mean,
it had it’s moments when i laughed out loud,
but that movie took me through an emotional tailspin.
i didn’t sing any songs from it like it was “la la land” either.
in this year’s golden globes,
  “get out’ might be put under the “comedy/musical” category.
jordan peele,
the director,
says otherwise.
this is what “ew” had to say…
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Aun-T Said You Gonna Wait (UM)

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.50.16 PMso everyone is not talking about the golden globes today.
shit was kinda “yawn”,
but they are talking about aun-t aka taraji p henson.
she won “best actress in a television series drama”.
well a majority of people were saying her acceptance speech was ghetto.
they were also wondering if she was drunk.
what do you think?…
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