so about the “2019 golden globes”…

so they announced the 2019 “golden globes” nominees today.
i’m just gonna post who i’m rooting for in a wonderful collage…

the incredibles 2
black panther
darren chris as “andrew cunanan”
debra messing as grace in “will and grace”
donald glover as earl in “atlanta”
the assassination of gianni versace
billy porter as pray tell in “pose”

so no issa or “insecure” this year?
where is viola?

better yet,
where is “this is us”?
sterling k brown needs a whole nomination.
the whole cast of that show puts in their work.
i’m really upset that mandy moore gets nothing ever year either.
she often makes me feel every emotion as “rebecca” in that show.
i’m gonna find my “jack” too:

he is waiting for me just like ^that.
he is.
i can’t wait to see who wins at the “2019 golden globes” on 1/9.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “so about the “2019 golden globes”…”

      1. I didn’t see it either lol. But the fact that he’s nominated and have Oscar buzz is really a great look for him.

  1. Pose (can we get season 2 already?…sheesh!), …Gianni Versace and Black Panther BETTER win. Each was Excellent, Captivating and Memorable. I feel like many of those awards often go to those who brown-nose, politic and play the game. No shade to them, but the talent and shows that go left of center or have a dedicated viewership, sometimes go with few wins, empty-handed or are flat out snubbed. And oh yes, Sterling and Milo Definitely got The Juice!

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