kevin hart might blow up his blessings dropping the alleged “f” bomb

i’m sure ^this is the face he is making at the moment.
how you might get fired on your day off tho?

here i was saying to myself:

“kevin hart might host the oscars.
i hope he doesn’t do too much as usual…”

he allegedly did and he hasn’t even stepped foot on the stage yet!
was kevin harta “thing” around 2011?
i can’t remember.
what i don’t understand…
why in God’s name…
did these past alleged homophobic tweets not get scrubbed…

how he’s gonna be explaining these tweets to the oscar committee:

kevin hart is always getting into shit.
is this some kind of karma on his part?
he might need to jump head first in the river jordan.
i hope he has a good excuse because it’s spreading like wildfire.

it seems like those tweets are towards people he’s cool with.
( x wayne brown ) seems to be someone affiliated with him.
still no excuse to be dropping the “f” bomb tho.
the straights gonna learn to stop using that word out here.
that will have you entirely banished even if you are an angel.
blacks needs to be EXTRA careful how they move in these forests.
some of the whites are dying to cancel successful black people.
as for kevin,
if this goes into public protest with the swjs,
he could as well get comfortable on his couch.
folks been trying to banish him for what he did to tori.
just stroll right into those traps kevin.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “kevin hart might blow up his blessings dropping the alleged “f” bomb”

  1. He was just in the news for trying to defend his sons cowboys and Indians party(which his response pissed so many people off) this?!? Smh

  2. Shortly after the announcement of his hosting role, either Hart or someone else controlling his Twitter account got to work deleting some of his controversial tweets, according to BuzzFeed News.

  3. I cancelled him when he tried to justify having a cowboy and indian theme party for his son bday with “but the NFL…”. Just because it was ok years ago doesn’t mean it’s right. Blackface was ok at some point. And now you add this, he can stay cancelled forever.

  4. I support Black people who aren’t coons. He is always playing a caricature and cheating on his racially ambiguous women. He is so messy and I wish he would go behind the scenes and be quiet. I liked Soul Plane and THAT is it.

  5. One thing I like about cancel culture is that it (for the lack of a better word) demystifies all these celebrities, artists, and public figures that so many people idolize.

    Sidenote: Majority of straights share that sentiment about having lgbt children tho….

  6. He’s a f*cking homophobe plain and simple. The vile tweets, along with his views on not wanting his son to be gay? Yet I’m seeing black homosexuals defending this clown. Why? smdh…

  7. People act like kevin wouldnt have gotten up there and cooned out anyway. I mean are really missing out on something by kevin not hosting.

  8. So glad he’s not hosting anymore. One thing I love is the defiance & power structure of the LGBT community in the entertainment business. We are not to be messed with. These homophobes will eventually learn. If you want to be homophobic then showbiz shouldn’t be your lane. The gays run that field. You’ll have better luck trying sports rather than the entertainment industry if you endorse homophobia.

    The best part is watching all the homophobes foaming at the mouth online when they cant get their way.

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