kevin hart is pissed ya’ll made him step down from hosting the oscars

they say pride comes before the fall.
a lot of pineapples have fallen because of that.
what is so hard in saying “i’m sorry”?
kevin hart is a prideful wolf,
isn’t he?.
so kevin made the choice to step down from hosting the oscars.
this is what he fonted on his twitter:

which is weird because it sorta contradicts his statement on ig…

if that was the response,
why even step down?
if he explained the tweets from “old-o’clock”,
why not put up his “old-o’clock” explanation and call it a day?
all the academy asked him to do was apologize.
i’m lost as to why that was so hard to do.
he should have passed on putting up the prideful ig video.
the black and white one i actually agreed with.
people can grow from their past mistakes,
but it takes maturity to understand why folks would be offended.
it’s also mature to apologize just to smooth things over.
he chose to die on that hill.
i’m sure bet will call him to host something next year.

lowkey: kevin is a cancer as i am.
he’s more hurt than he’s letting on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “kevin hart is pissed ya’ll made him step down from hosting the oscars

  1. The video of him saying he’s “standing his ground” literally disgusts me. He blamed everyone who has the ability to use a google browser for bringing up his past bigoted remarks. But what saddened me more this morning was the out pouring of support Kevin Hart got from other Black celebrities. Everyone from Steve Harvey, Charlamanye da God and countless celebs on Instagram, not to mention some I actually admired before their support of homophobes was known.

    I’m done admiring celebs who’s hearts don’t don’t truly know.

    1. Ugh. I’m tired of seeing people defend him. I also read about his comments on black women that touches on colorism (he probably scrubbed them from his Twitter too) – boy bye. These people defending him were the same ones going after Roseann after her twitter comments on Valerie Jarrett. Watch out for the cherry pickers.

  2. I never understand why people idolize celebs to begin with. They are pretty much regular people with the mask of wealth over them. Some are cool, quite a few are assholes. And yes, other celebs will come to his defense because they ARE JUST LIKE HIM, of course they gonna stick up for their own….but at the same time we live in a era of oversensitive adults who take everything to the extreme.

    Most celebs have to keep up apperance so that you can continue to pay into their accounts with popularity and loyalty, also refereed as stanism. Social media allows them to express how they really feel sometimes…and I mean it’s expected. They are HUMANS with opinions and feelings of their own but they aren’t supposed to do that…

    I think the LGBT community is becoming a little ridiculous as well. They overreact to every single thing but the minute a straight man shows affection or is bonding with another man, they quick to call him gay or on the low and tell him to come out of the closet.

    Even so, I don’t feel sorry for Kevin. He said what he said and he meant it, and this “fall” or canceling is nothing to him. He will continue to get support from the straights that love him.

    Had he been fresh and new, maybe canceling him would have been something but he’s already established. He’s like R.Kelly, who himself is banished but I bet he is still getting catered to somewhere.

    It’s a tough life being in Hollywood and not being able to voice your own opinion.Some folks get tired and be wanna say what’s really on their mind and folks get shocked when they find out their favorite comedian, actor or diva is actually an asshole.

  3. Honestly I wasn’t even bothered when the tweets came up. Let’s be real, back in those years it was more acceptable for people to use the word fag when talking. He’s a comedian. He could’ve said it was a bad joke and moved on.

    Now he’s just coming off as manipulative, stupid, egotistical, and whiny. He should feel like a sell out for agreeing to shuckin and jivin for the Oscars in the first place.

    He needs to fire his PR team ASAP. The Oscars has been catching mad heat for racial issues. He would’ve got more support mentioning his race. Now the little manlet is really coming off homophobic.

    Of course C Tha God sweet ass jumped on the bandwagon, he’s trying to kill the rumors and this only does the opposite.

  4. When the Academy called him and asked him to apologize, he got his ass on his shoulder and tried to stand on some moral high ground with that “people can evolve” bullshit. It’s true, people can evolve but if I’ve employed and something in your past doesn’t sit well with me and a I ask you to correct it. That’s what you should do. The Academy called his bluff and fired his ass. The fucked up part is he could have issued a 10 second apology on IG and all of this would have been forgotten about by the time The Oscars aired. For a comedian, hosting the Oscars puts you in another stratosphere. He would have joined the ranks of Whoopi, Chris Rock, Ellen, and Steve Martin. This was more about his pride and ego than convincing people youre not a homophobe.

  5. this is so stupid. All this talk about not apologizing just for you to apologize after getting fired smh. He said it was his dream but he couldn’t swallow his misplaced pride to save his dream ? I guess it wasn’t really a dream then. Talking about maturity but the man acts like saying “i’m sorry” is burning him. And then go read the comments on these IG pages run by LGBT people, the irony.

  6. Fuck him. Fuck all the other trash ass celebrities that are on his 4 foot bandwagon. Didnt Kevin make similar remarks a few years ago about him not wanting a gay son? This ain’t brand new. He’s said this one MORE than one occasion publicly. There’s a little truth behind every “joke”.

    Also I’m sick of people attacking the LGBT for being outraged but yet these SAME people will be the first to cry had the tweets come from a white person who was disparaging the black community. Keep that same energy! Why does the goalpost always have to be moved for the LGBT community? Its like our feelings are valued and we’re expected to suck up (no pun) every gay dig because its “just jokes”. You have no right to tell people what to be mad about.

    This isn’t 1995. Its 2018, get with the times. We are here to stay.

    I read a comment today from a black woman who trivialized the entire thing & then said “try being black for a day” as if GAY BLACK people don’t exist! The ignorance is astounding.

    1. @Endless

      Thank you for this comment! And I’m pleased to have read similar comments echoing your sentiments. I didn’t hear anybody in the ‘heterosexual’ black community defending Paula Dean when her bigoted past caught up to her and destroyed her empire. None of these jackasses like Steve Harvey, Nick Cannon and Charlamanye da God were saying dumb shit like:

      “Paula Dean has already apologized for the bigoted remarks and she has since evolved.”

      🙄 yet, that’s exactly what they want the LGBT community to accept when it comes to Kevin Hart. GTFOH!

  7. I agree with most of your sentiments, but another part of me believes that ABC wanted him to grovel over it and he wasn’t having it.

  8. I honestly feel like Kevin was intimidated by the job, thats why he so easily stepped down, the Academy never made a statement & didn’t fire him all they asked was for an apology & he refused which was his way, to quit without quitting feeling intimidated by the job. He then later went on to apologize to secure future jobs!

  9. what’s wrong with not wanting your child to be gay? given the pain, bashing and other stigmas gay males deal with , who would want their child to be deal with that. Everyone knows that kevin used that as a joke and is in his stand up routine…so comedians cant joke? Paula Dean wasnt joking. there’s a difference.

    1. I think I understand what you’re saying. Some parents be tough on kids cause they know how people in the real world won’t give two craps about them. It’s hard being black for some and probably even harder being black and gay, cause everyone, including your own are against you.

    2. “what’s wrong with not wanting your child to be gay? given the pain, bashing and other stigmas gay males deal with…”

      See, I would agree with that IF parents were actually concerned about the things you’ve mentioned. However, the simple fact is…they aren’t! They’re more concerned with what their family and friends will think, what the Bible says, and/or if they’ll have grandchildren from you…

      1. You sure are assuming a lot about this man from his post. No one knows what else this man was concerned about not what others have as motives for actions. In this case some people need to stop being overly sensitive, build a bridge and get over it. Chill the fuck out. Not everybody is out to attack you

        I also realize there are people who will have racist views. The reality is the country was built on racism and because there are so many people in this world, there will always be racist. ..learn to say fuck them and live your life.

        Jewish people have learned to deal with antisemitism towards them by becoming a part of the system that hates them but also controllong it. They run the academy awards, congress, sit on the supreme court. ..they learned to stack their money, resources and people to gain power and more money while we woreying about tweets and if people like us.

    3. There’s nothing wrong with steering your child in a different direction so they’re not confused. And you do that in a positive, subliminal manner. Being homophobic, demeaning, punishing, and forcing your child accomplishes nothing. It instills self-hate and behavioral issues. Poor decision making by parents is why LGBT children have a higher suicide rate.

  10. If he already addressed and apologized for this years ago, then I don’t see what else people want him to do.

    I’m all for holding people accountable for their less than reputable actions, but at what point do we extend an olive branch?

  11. I’m not a Kevin Hart fan, but he likely won’t lose any of his black audience over this. He might lose a movie or two but he’ll sell out shows🤷🏾‍♂️

    Most of the people complaining weren’t fans to begin with.

    The Oscars are a snooze fest anyway so they would’ve honestly benefitted more than Kevin with ratings.

    His tweets weren’t remotely funny, but I can’t help but feel the politically correct climate we’re in is the reason why comedians like him aren’t funny anymore. Comedians could walk a fine line and make jokes about blacks, gays, and sex workers, whooping kids without being demonized. Now what can you joke about?

    Half the stuff said on Def Comedy Jam would get you stoned today.

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