does he kinda sorta maybe look like tyler lepley?

tyler lepley use to get mad tite if you even insinuated he was gay.
he use to get tite if you said someone looked liked him too.
i know he hated when people were comparing drake to him.

i felt like tyler is who drake thought he looked like.

well he is gonna be really tite at this brazilian wolf who kinda,
maybe resembles him...

his name is jonas miguel and he raps too:


and it seems like this person might be his alleged

that’s it.

he is cute but he ain’t touching tyler lepley.
tyler is a different level of fine.
jonas has crazy eyes tho.
you know what they say about males with crazy eyes?

4 thoughts on “does he kinda sorta maybe look like tyler lepley?

  1. They both are different kinds of FINE!!! This rapper smoky eyes are so sexy!!! 😱🥰😜🤤

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