Can We Talk About Rashad Jennings for A Sec?

even though my giants suffered a tremendous loss,
it won’t stop me from talking about rashad jennings tonight.
i actually saw when he put ^that picture up on snapchat earlier.
there was an even better video that accompanied it.i realllllllly love rashad’s snapchat.
that #shadthepoet story he is does is so good.
why is he not recognized for his good looks like others?
his lips and chest>>>>

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Rashad Jennings for A Sec?”

  1. He is so sexy…he just needs to go back to the low hair cut. Lips, nips, nose, jaw he’s definitely fuck buddy material.

  2. I think everyone knows he is saved and filled with holy ghost. He preached at my church and the guy has the anointing. Sexy and Saved!

    1. Uhm…He went Tim Tibow, and isn’t married, huh? Umma let him be straight until otherwise confirmed. I wanna rub blessed oil all over his cheeks, tho. We could shout out the soreness and pain. “Loose Here!”

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