spotify revealed all about me this year!

2016 – all break up/hurt songs
2017 – “i’ll be alright/f u/on the glo up”
2018 – ….

i believe you can find out a lot about a person by their music.
you can gauge them mentally by the songs they had on repeat.
this year has been a wild and random ride for me.
it was clearly reflected in my music.
spotify did it’s annual “2018 wrapped”,
which puts all your most listened to songs in a playlist,
along with other information.
i wanted to share the soundtrack to my year with the foxhole…

they counted my rain playlists.
i play so i can fall asleep at night.
this is the actual playlist:

*hums mulan ‘honor to us all’*

i dig that song.
i wasn’t really inspired by any hiphop or r&b this year.
i legit started listening to the “are & be” playlist this last month.
r&b and hiphop was sounded too much the same to me.
the mood for this year was real chill in the beginning,
but of course,
it took a left.
i was angry at the sudden changes,
but i wanted to still feel good.
i was in my feelings and rather reflective,
but i was still feeling like a bad ass fox.
there was a lot of “black power” going on inside me too.
judging by my playlist,
it was an interesting year for me musically.

i always appreciate the icon that is spotify for highlighting it.

lowkey: barely any love songs this year.
i wasn’t in a “love” mood this year.
wolves “be” trash yo.

check out spotify: here

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “spotify revealed all about me this year!”

  1. Real talk about someone’s music selection being a gage. It’s a lil’ peek into what mindset or vibe they’re in. You have very eclectic and amazing taste J. It’s crazy cuz’ a few of those songs in your list, resonated with me this year too. My top 10 glimpse for 2018 are:
    1. Chun-Li- Nicki Minaj
    2. The One- Tokyo Jetz
    3. Regrets- Jay-Z
    4. Rose in Harlem- Teyana Taylor
    5. Advil- SZA
    6. Get Free- Lana Del Rey
    7. Barbies- Pink
    8. Find It (Transition)- Stacy Barthe
    9. get well soon- Ariana Grande
    10. No tears left to cry- Ariana Grande
    (Also, I’m glad to see you shining and striving. Greater things are on the horizon for you J. And on the music tip, please check out Ariana, Teyana, Troye Sivan, Asap Rocky and Lana’s (she put out some singles) recent stuff)

    1. ^i love the glimpse into yours.
      even by the songs i know,
      from the lyrics,
      you had quite a journey this year.

      BARBIES tho…
      that song is beautiful.
      it made me think back to a time when life was easier and better.

      i liked ariana last effort,
      harlem natives are cool,
      i like troye’s first album,
      and of course i love lana.
      i’ll check out the updated music from them too!

      1. Man, it’s been quite the year for many of us. But, we all must take a breath, keep pushin’ on and stay centered, no matter what comes! Pink is so underrated. She has a lot of deep cuts on her albums, that are more potent than the singles. Yes sir, the Barbies lyrics & her delivery floored me and had me in my feelings as I took a stroll back down memory lane (*Minnie Riperton voice). Listen… Lana needs to hurry with that album she’s sitting on LOL.

  2. Your playlist is really nostalgic.. But eclectic at the same time (as a the other poster said)

    My 2018 wrapped playlist was full of 2017/2018 songs lol

  3. Mine is very “today” lol. This isn’t the whole entire list but its many songs from the 2018 wrapped playlist. As you can tell I’m a rap fan but I also love melodic music with cadence. I can go from listening to Meek Mill in the gym to Taylor Swift when I’m outside all dressed up. It all depends on my moods. I have certain artists who I listen to when I want to feel bossy, turn up or when I want to chill or listen to “sad” music. It all depends on my moods. I can be unpredictable at times haha

    Nicki Minaj – Good Form
    Taylor Swift – Dancing with our Hands Tied
    Travis Scott – YOSEMITE
    Ozuna & Cardi B – La Modelo
    Drake ft. Michael Jackson – Don’t Matter to Me
    The Weeknd – Privilege
    Khalid & Normani – Love Lies
    DVSN – Morning After
    Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All the Stars
    Toni Braxton – Long As I Live
    Jeremih – Impatient
    Asian Doll – Poppin
    The Carters – APESHIT
    Diplo & Trippie Redd – Wish
    Swae Lee – Hurt To Look
    BTS – Fake Love
    Zayn – Entertainer
    Tinashe – Faded Love
    XXXtentacion – NUMB
    Selena Gomez – Wolves
    Sevyn Streeter ft. August Alsina – Been a Minute
    Mabel – Finders Keepers
    Tink – Signs
    Jaden Smith – Lost Boy
    Pnb Rock – Selfish
    Lil Baby & Gunna – Close Friends
    Stefflon Don – Uber
    Migos – Gang Gang
    Ariana Grande – breathin
    Drake – Mob Ties

    1. ^i like where your list is taking me.

      it seems reflective of your year.
      ima check out a few of these cuts.
      as long as the music helped or inspired,
      i don’t see an issue.

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