David Banner About To Make Me A Believer

tumblr_mojgpgPFAU1rm2vs9o1_500i use to think david banner was just some typical country rapper.
nothing special, ya know?
well he made me a recent believer when i saw this pic

tumblr_mnji4uNnPw1sq1dcxo1_500tumblr_moloe5aSPc1s5djgpo1_250cum… and get it!
he looks cut the fuck up under that shirt.
plus this info just made “it” even better:

Southern rapper David Banner got his undergrad degree at Southern University in Baton Rouge with a major in Business, and also served as Student Government President. After graduationm he entered the Graduate Studies Business program at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

educate me first and then fuck the daylights out me after?

couldn’t ask for anything better.
david will be in “the butler” which will be out august 16th.
and terrence howard also star.

lowkey: waiting for:

“he look basics.
he dont look like no models.
nobody gonnas be tryna steal hims when i show pics.
you knows he gottas to be aestheticallys pleasings to societies.

these lyrics are so filthy.
i love it.

photo credit: annette navarro / facebook

9 thoughts on “David Banner About To Make Me A Believer

  1. Jamari you been sleeping on Banner. He’s been sexy since This Christmas back in 07, he had to get fit he was borderline or either has diabetes. I forget which one exactly.

  2. He’s never been basic. Dude has been using his celebrity for good ever since he came on the scene.

    This is who should be celebrated over the non-talent who just drop catch phrases

  3. I already knew some of that stuff about David. It’s nice seeing a hard working black man doing something for himself. I can’t wait to see that movie!

  4. Shittt, no hate here!

    I’d take him over Chris Brown any day. That’s a full grown man right there.

    He’s definitely inspiring for me.

  5. I have been on Banner’s train for a while. If I recall, a few years ago he found out he was borderline diabetic thus prompting an intense fitness regiment. He’s educated, thick, successful,and a go getter. He actually produces straight to DVD movies also. Very nice!

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