“Moonlight” Hits A Couple Snags

…and in a good way.
so guess what movie was nominated for 5 golden globes?
a foxholer sent me the good news via queerty
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I Had Enough Time To Go See Deadpool

tumblr_mdbsk9ReTM1rq0c2no1_500last night,
the vixen from my job and i went to go see “deadpool”.
it was a last minute thing,
but i wanted to do something fun.
i haven’t done anything fun in a while.
so after work,
we got some happy hour “drankz” and headed to the theater.
when we got there,
it was packed.
i also happy i could finally afford the movie theater food.
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I’m Addicted To Soft Porn and Love Scenes

tumblr_nd9g0lU7vu1rstn0po1_500i wanted to see “addicted” this weekend.
like really wanted too.
it was battling greasy chicken and bad ass kids on saturday.
plus it was pouring and blah.
today i was planning on going to see it.
well i heard from multiple sources,
or my people and the f-bi,
that this movie was absolutely…
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Gone Fox

tumblr_inline_n606w1T3tM1qbo4d8i guess this is phase 2 of the flu.
coughing and tiredness.
well it couldn’t stop me from seeing “gone girl” last night.
“gone girl” is based on the successful book by gillian flynn.
i didn’t read the book yet,
but everyone i have come in contact with has read this book.
when i said i was going to see the movie opening night,
i got alot of:




…mostly from snow bunnies.
i saw the trailer a while ago,
i think on youtube or something,
and it intrigued me like it was going to be something epic.
it stars ben affleck,
rosamund pike,
neil patrick harris,
and tyler perry.
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Addicted (Sex Is On My Menu)

0978074344284_500X500speaking of “addicted”…
i think zane’s “addicted” was the only book from her i liked.
no offense.
well thats a lie.
the first “zane’s sex chronicles”.
i read “addicted” couple years ago on accident.
2 days.
it was like black folk’s “50 shades of grey”.
so i decided to go read something else from her.
it involved three sisters and it was going good…
until the midget sex farm.
not to mention the stripper whose pipe got stuck in one and she had to call for help.
“like wtf is this crap?”
needless to say i was over it.
so i was excited when i saw the new trailer for the movie,
“addicted” and…
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Idris Elba Wants To Punish You For Your “Good Deed”

tumblr_n74ikci6qv1rejh21o2_500if this is his idea of punishment well then…
so the great british dark wolf,
idris elba,
has a new movie coming out.
he stays working,
which i love.
it’s called “no good deed” and it also stars my bae,
taraji p. henson.
this trailer had me like “whaaaaaattttttt???”….
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