Addicted (Sex Is On My Menu)

0978074344284_500X500speaking of “addicted”…
i think zane’s “addicted” was the only book from her i liked.
no offense.
well thats a lie.
the first “zane’s sex chronicles”.
i read “addicted” couple years ago on accident.
2 days.
it was like black folk’s “50 shades of grey”.
so i decided to go read something else from her.
it involved three sisters and it was going good…
until the midget sex farm.
not to mention the stripper whose pipe got stuck in one and she had to call for help.
“like wtf is this crap?”
needless to say i was over it.
so i was excited when i saw the new trailer for the movie,
“addicted” and…

… i’m trying to figure out of thats the story i read.

Buffy_Confusedi coulda sworn it was about a vixen who had a sexual addiction.
fuckin’ all kinds of fine wolves after she got off her good job.
again i haven’t read it in a while,
so please forgive me,
but i coulda sworn that was what it was about.
either way i’ll go check this one out.
the meaty combo of william levy,
boris kodjoe,
and tyson b was enough for me.

lowkey: kudos to bille woodruff on his directing game.
went from music video director to movies.
as you know,
he directed a few episodes “the game”.
we need to see more non madea movies on the big screen.

lowkey #2: “b boy blues” would be a good movie as well.

“addicted” hits everywhere october 10th, 2014.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Addicted (Sex Is On My Menu)”

  1. Yeah, I’ve been sick of Black entertainment always being focused on some Black woman laying on her back. Hello! Black people, Black men exist too. We can be more than canon fodder for these hoes to treat every which they want. White men would never tolerate this shit.

  2. It’s so unfair at times seeing these shows and movies like being Mary Jane and Addicted where the main cozens has all these FINE ass wolves to pick from while being just as fine herself. Maybe someday we’ll get a fix story like that ……………..sigh

  3. *yawn* I am more of an action, fantasy and sci-fi kinda guy. But my top movies I definitely liked was Amati Girl(broke my heart), Chasing Papi, and The Best Man 2(oooh that shit broke my heart). What is the point of this movie beside sex?

  4. See this is what I’m talking about, most Black authors are trash. I don’t know why you all keep supporting nonsense like this. I could write a better book than Zane with my eyes closed. At least you admitted it was like 50 Shades Of Grey which everyone knows is Twilight fan-fiction drivel. All her stuff is the same. Even the films. I’m not here for this soft-core porn shit anymore. She just writes the same book over and over but changes the title and changes a few skin colors. I can see how this movie is gonna end a mile away because Zane is even worse at writing endings.

    Like for real Black people? 🙁

    1. ^YEAH!!!
      the book was about sexual addiction.
      it brought up the subject of people you see every day.
      going to work or on Instagram,
      Laughing and smiling,
      but they have a secret life in the night.
      this movie looks good,
      but also looks safe.
      who knows?
      maybe they went this angle for the trailer and the movie is like the book.
      I don’t remember her even being married in the book.
      i def have to read it again for a refresher.

  5. Damn that looks like a good film. Boris Kodjoe is bad tho, she is a fool for cheating for even looking in another man’s direction.

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