Addicted (Sex Is On My Menu)

0978074344284_500X500speaking of “addicted”…
i think zane’s “addicted” was the only book from her i liked.
no offense.
well thats a lie.
the first “zane’s sex chronicles”.
i read “addicted” couple years ago on accident.
2 days.
it was like black folk’s “50 shades of grey”.
so i decided to go read something else from her.
it involved three sisters and it was going good…
until the midget sex farm.
not to mention the stripper whose pipe got stuck in one and she had to call for help.
“like wtf is this crap?”
needless to say i was over it.
so i was excited when i saw the new trailer for the movie,
“addicted” and…
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One Lance; One Towel

I am on the fence with Lance Gross
I think. 

Granted, he has “Body That Needs To Be Fucked“.
He can be suave and smooth in interviews.
But then… that is it.
He doesn’t really give off a personality unless he is acting.
Maybe that is a good thing?
Keeps the audience wanting more…
Check out the next few pics from his shoot/interview with Kore Magazine.

One of which I am sure will get you soaking wet…

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