One Lance; One Towel

I am on the fence with Lance Gross
I think. 

Granted, he has “Body That Needs To Be Fucked“.
He can be suave and smooth in interviews.
But then… that is it.
He doesn’t really give off a personality unless he is acting.
Maybe that is a good thing?
Keeps the audience wanting more…
Check out the next few pics from his shoot/interview with Kore Magazine.

One of which I am sure will get you soaking wet…


Can we get a peen print for ol time’s sake?
I don’t think we are asking for much.
Here are 3 of my favorite interviews with him:




Since House of Payne is over,
can I see Lance in Zane’s Sex Chronicles?

See more here…


Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “One Lance; One Towel”

  1. Well I’m not on the fence honey I kicked that bitch down and stole the chain links for use at a later date…but I digress…IMO Lance is one of those celebs who get hyped up for being sooooo beautiful when truth be told…hes just avg. Being on tv is what makes him attractive…same with J Aniston, J Roberts, J lopez, and so on. So many ‘stars’ get these un deserved labels…digressing again…Nice teeth complimented but his skin tone…Thats about it…Id fuck tho…means nothing though, I’m sex deprived and horny…I be given some of them day laborers at home depot a 2nd look 🙂

    1. That should say ”nice teeth complimented by his skin tone” not but his skin makes it look like I have a problem with the brutha being dark…I don’t…I luvs chocolate…sips tea…

  2. Lance is FINE! Cute boys who have cute for their whole lives tend to not have the most exciting personalities because they never had to. I’d definitely date him.

  3. Jamari im surprised at you he is the utter being of a wolf plus he is real down to earth and georgious. and he’s so sweet and chocolaty (in bill cosby voice)

  4. I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on all those spelling & grammar errors in that magazine – don’t they have an editor? SMH…

    He’s a blank canvas to me; a cute one, but still blank.

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