I Need @KevinMcCall To Naked…. Forever

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkBeJHjwWT4]


lowkey: breezy who?
tyga what?
i didn’t even see them.

a fox sent me two before pictures from his pre baller wolf days…

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Jon Beason Makes Me Sweat and Should Cum Wipe Me Down

anyone remember jon (click here)?
i never forgot.

 looooooove to see a man sweat.
especially after a good workout.
usually means he put in some serious work.
ain’t that right jon?

check why this wolf is covered in sweat and some other good bonus materials

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Ciara is Intent On Booking That Stage!

So Ciara has come out of hiding to debut her new song “Sweat” feat. 2chainz.
This one is from her new album, “One Woman Army“.

I like a good comeback story,
so let’s see if this one makes the rotation on “foXXX6969” radio station…

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One Lance; One Towel

I am on the fence with Lance Gross
I think. 

Granted, he has “Body That Needs To Be Fucked“.
He can be suave and smooth in interviews.
But then… that is it.
He doesn’t really give off a personality unless he is acting.
Maybe that is a good thing?
Keeps the audience wanting more…
Check out the next few pics from his shoot/interview with Kore Magazine.

One of which I am sure will get you soaking wet…

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Soooo No More “Kelvin Thomas”, I Presume?

After my last entry, I had given up on Devin Thomas.

Still have in a way.
He doesn’t move me like he did circa his Draft Day – Spring 2011.
But I see he has decided to kill off “Kelvin Thomas” and re-emerge…

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