Soooo No More “Kelvin Thomas”, I Presume?

After my last entry, I had given up on Devin Thomas.

Still have in a way.
He doesn’t move me like he did circa his Draft Day – Spring 2011.
But I see he has decided to kill off “Kelvin Thomas” and re-emerge…

Glad to see he escaped EYEBROWGATE unhinged.
I was so concerned.

But, eh.
I feel like he has lost his spark for some reason.
He has been downgraded from Daddy material.
But these Tweets right hereeeee… kind of turned me on OD HEAVY

LMFAO!!!! I walk past 3 girls they smile. Then I hear…” Girl he got a J. Lo booty!” SMH. I had to say it’s all muscle!#igetitfrommymomma!

I definitely have concluded that women like butts just as much if not more than guys. Some say it. Some think it. Some go for it!#bootytalk

I love women of all shapes and sizes BUTT…Im not dating anymore girls with a smaller butt than me!

I’m sorry! I have big hands and I need somethin to grab! Plus I souldnt have the dominant butt cheeks in the relationship!

Another Judi Funnie gif…

and maybe a Patti gif for good measure:

I refuse to be drawn into THAT WOLF TRAP AGAIN.

15 thoughts on “Soooo No More “Kelvin Thomas”, I Presume?

  1. He ain’t never nan had a J. Lo booty; prolly a little sum’n sum’n. I think he’s been holding on to his man’s azz while getting piped… Sorry Jamari lol

      1. Look, you just gonna have to accept that some of these sexy, manly wolves are hybrids or foxes…but you can probably still get a few to do you lol

  2. if he is a hybrid i want to know who is fucking him cause its got to be some sexy kind of wolf!

  3. Maybe he is trying to say sometime about his ass (we all know how a flat ass gets robust). Sorry I been gone I was going through some things but now I’m back in full color

    1. I hope my Devin Thomas hasn’t been doing what I think!!!!
      As long as he turns back into a Wolf to maul me RIGHT…

      I don’t care what he does after lol

  4. Eh…

    First pic he’s still looking kinda zesty. Ray Edwards is the only baller that pulls it off well.

    Second pic–looks back to normal. Welcome back.

    As for this J.Lo booty blasphemy, DT is known for many things but having thick cakes ain’t one of them. Go back to the second pic, if DT had cakes they’d be visible from this view.

    DT dead wrong for telling on himself, being that he has big hands, needs something to grab, and doesn’t want to have the dominant butt cheeks in a relationship.

    *I grab my man’s cakes when he is on top doing deep powerful thrusts too.

    LMAO@Patti gif

    Being a heathen, I have never seen the holy ghost trance up close, but this what I imagine it looks like.

  5. Ugh there’s nothing more attractive to me than a straight dude that doesn’t play down their formidable behind.

    I didn’t know he had a donk though. Do you have any pics to prove this Jamari? lol

    1. I have seen a lot of Devin’s pics
      Especially him in uniform…

      … And he was donkless.

      Now maybe he has grown a donk since the lockout has given him more time to sit on his ass…

      … But to say u have a J Lo booty is kinda OD.

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