Anthony Burrell Has The Skinny…

Anthony Burrell is taking his new found fame to higher heights.
Patrick-Ian Polk (of Noah’s Arc fame) casted him in a new movie called, “The Skinny”….


I am ready to see this one.
I like how it was shot.
Looks very clean and…

I just want to see Anthony Burrell!
I’m tellin’ ya’ll,
we are going to meet again one day and we will finish what we should have started dammit.
He can give me ALL the skinny…

I mean, we can go on a date and then and take a long walk first.


10 thoughts on “Anthony Burrell Has The Skinny…

  1. Just came back to stare at that gif for a few more minutes. Its a little hypnotic…don’t judge me! lol

  2. Wow, this actually looks really good. Its shot very well too. Definitely going to check it out. I’m discouraged that the characters all seem to fit a certain “look” but I suppose it was done purposely.

  3. Dayum! To that gif *wipes up drool*

    I kinda remember A. Burrell from your post, but I’ve always had a crush on Wilson Cruz — I wanna get inside him…

    Patrik is like the gay Tyler Perry (wait, that’s redundant); he’s the OUT Tyler Perry. Using a lot of the same crew/cast/etc. Good deal..

  4. Um yea, not interested in the movie but that gif had me looking at the screen for a good five minutes.

    Malo could ride me to death and then hop in my casket at my funeral and ride me some more…damn!

      1. I had no idea who he was until I just read about your encounter with him, then I remembered his face from that Beyonce video. Lol he’s attractive.

        He looks like a hybrid to me…

  5. The Skinny is an apt title; never before have I seen so many clean (supernaturally clean, faces with no flaws!), small-waist homos in one movie. It was hard to tell who was who at times because they all look so much alike. Story looks interesting and I like all the cameos so hopefully this doesn’t go straight to video.

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