I Got a Couple Questions Thomas!

I mean, these pictures are all good and everything but…

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Soooo No More “Kelvin Thomas”, I Presume?

After my last entry, I had given up on Devin Thomas.

Still have in a way.
He doesn’t move me like he did circa his Draft Day – Spring 2011.
But I see he has decided to kill off “Kelvin Thomas” and re-emerge…

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Premium Meat of The Minute: Devin Thomas

So I was ready to write him off since his timeline was filled with wild crazy behavior.
OD is not the word to describe what I read that he was doing.
I wondered if he got hacked…


I have some nice weekend shots that I am sure will brighten up anyone’s day.
For some odd reason, I am not as horny as I usually am.
Maybe I’m sick…
Plus, he has too many¬† baby headed groupies….

The head Fox ain’t sweating it.


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