I Got a Couple Questions Thomas!

I mean, these pictures are all good and everything but…

I want to hear:

Who are you voting for in this year’s presidential election?
Who do you think is winning the NBA Finals?
Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a real couple?
Did you see Think Like a Man? Thoughts?
Are you a Call of Duty fan? If yes, what is your favorite gun?
Why did you leave the Giants?
Do you think George Zimmerman is going to jail for his crime?
Do you think the Illuminati is real?
Do you think prayer works?
What song do you listen to when you are depressed?
and lastly…
Do you think I am amazing?

You know, the real questions…
fuck the pics.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Got a Couple Questions Thomas!”

  1. I am not concerned about any of that. Just be fine. Be caring. Be affection. And be faithful. Save all that political and personal stuff for interviews and twitter.

    1. ^so you are saying you want him to just be fine, caring, and affection…

      But what if his attitude is terrible,
      He is a low key abuser or emotional one,
      His breath smells like unwashed arm pits,
      And his money managing skills are down the drain…

      … Is that still okay?

  2. im sure in a different time and place all those questions would be answerd. but here on inside jamari fox all i want to see is him shirtless covered in oil. oh and you forgot a question “when will you catch the damn ball!!!”

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