dr. kevin rome, the president of fisk university, is OUT

when someone is under investigation by their job,
or the feds,
the outcome usually leads to the truth.
if someone is innocent,
a statement is released and things go on as normal.
when someone is guilty tho,
so there seems to be a conclusion in the dr. kevin rome scandal at fisk.
as you know,
he was accused of being dl and messy as the president of the university.
( x read about it here )
the alleged victim within the scandal even joined the chat.
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kanye’s presidential slogan will be “make me great again” (sold at gap stores everywhere)

i use to stan kanye west so hard.
you couldn’t tell me SHIT.
kanye made me want to get this lv crocodile duffle because of this photo:

either lv or hermes.
i loved ^this look so much that i started dressing like him.
i was a STAN.
somewhere in his career,
right after that album with the cd on it,
he went left and crashed into a big ass tree.
if this was back in the day,
with his announcement that he is running for president,
i would have been at the voting booth early.
well kanye claims he’s done with trump,
but also lists his pre-presidental thoughts wants via “the daily mail“…

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We All Might Get Cars If She Ran for President

auntie o for president?
well it could happen.
oprah sat down with david rubenstein on his show,
the david rubenstein show: peer-to-peer conversations“,
and he asked if she would consider running for the potus position.
an f-bi hipped me to what her answer was via the huffington post
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The Day After Yesterday

1fa6d96a3803bc11c15a383b33335c1fthe day started off pretty gloomy.
the weather didn’t help either.
first of all,
i did not sleep last night.
i was up every two seconds watching coverage of the shit show.
hillary had my vote even tho i wasn’t too keen on her.
it was better than trump,
but my foxy senses told me a few weeks ago that he would win.
after like 230am or so,
i finally shut it all down and attempt to sleep.
i woke up tired af,
but when i immediately opened my social medias.
the winner was the first thing i saw.
this is when i went to the foxhole
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