Hurricane Harvey Is Here (Texas Foxhole)

texas foxhole…
i am praying for ya’ll,
super heavy.
hurricane harvey is on a mission to fuck shit up.
your president wanted to wish ya’ll well…

i’m mad he said “good luck” with a fist pump tho.
his face looking every inch of “no fucks to give”.
that state did majority vote for him tho.
they get what they got.
i’m sending my prayers to everyone down in texas.
i hope you guys are stocked up and safe.
keep us posted!

15 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey Is Here (Texas Foxhole)

  1. For those that kept us lifted, thank you so much!!! It could have been much worse. People lost materials, but fewer lives were lost in what is being called the worst flood event in recorded history for Texas. To be honest, some news coverage made it look worse than it was. This road to recovery, though……

  2. Well when I feel asleep last night my street was flooded.I heard a reporter say set your alarm for every couple of hours to check on things.At about 2 am my yard was flood.I forgot to reset clock.For some reason I woke up at 5 am,put my foot on the floor and heard sloshing.I turned the light on and was bedroom is flooded.So far it’s only about an inch or two.I will have to remove carpet though.Right now at about 6 half my bedroom is wet and so is my entry foyer.The rest of the house is dry and it’s raining.I am trying to wait until it’s daytime to decide on what to do next.I live in SE Houston not far from Hobby Airport ,it has flooded in my house before but the last time was over a decade ago.Fortunately I have flood insurance but only $40,000 coverage because I am in a high risk area.Last time my house flooded I had $150K coverage for the same price it now cost for $40K.
    I still power and seeing and hearing people on the news calling and saying they are stuck in attics and on the second floor of their houses I realize I am fortunate since I only have about 2 inches so far.But we have two or three days of rain ahead of us.
    This is the worst it has ever been in Houston it terms of widespread flooding from North (Greenspoint) to South (Clear Lake) It’s a mess.
    I will try to give an update later my lights are blinking so I maye lose power and internet.
    I hope everyone else in Houston is safe.Property can re replaced but people can’t

    1. Thankful you are okay, I thought about you and Jay when I read this thread. Hope all the Houston Foxhole is good. I hope the water does not do further damage and everyone remains safe.

    2. Stay safe I am in southwest. It is flooding as well and I hope you are cover as well as far as insurance wise

  3. PRAYERS UP for all of those facing hardship, ruin and fear. May you remain protected, guarded and healed through the worst of the storm.

  4. I hope Texas is ok,
    It’s sad that people vote on one or two issues for elected officials like the office of the presidency. It’s often forgotten that the presidents responsibilities are vast and varied. I don’t think many in Texas thought about how the president and his cabinet will be in charge of keeping them safe and secure during a natural disaster when they voted trump. Let’s see how things pan out, Good luck indeed.

    1. ^i agree.
      he looked so unbothered in that video.
      either way,
      i’m praying this hurricane won’t do much,
      if any,
      damage to the state of texas.

      1. A more seasoned government official would’ve tried to say something reassuring. This idiot just showed his inexperience ONCE AGAIN, and that anything that doesn’t affect him PERSONALLY…he could give two fucks.
        Good Luck?! Why not…our prayers are with you or whatever is needed we are there to help provide. UGH!

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