Mike The Trainer Has A Depressing Story To Share

oh mike
so we all have a story.
it’s up to us if we want to share it with others.
everyone meet mike (the trainer) again.
i wrote about him ( x before ).
well for those who didn’t know,
mike was horribly burned a couple years ago.
it caused him to step away from social media for a while.
a f-bi sent me mike’s ig post about his accident and well…

i can imagine how that would cause depression tho.
i know he was thinking he would never look good again.
i wouldn’t wish depression on my worst enemy.
even though i have a lot of good things going on,
i still have those moments where i get severely depressed.
it’s a tough fight,
but i’m always researching ways to tackle it.
the foxhole has kept me from killing myself on a few occasions.
this is my open journal to the world,
which has also helped others who are going through it too.
as for mike,
i’m glad he has recovered back into this fine piece of…

lowkey: never think someone is too good/cute/rich/educated to be depressed.
sometimes these things are meant to humble us too.

7 thoughts on “Mike The Trainer Has A Depressing Story To Share

  1. To God be all the glory! I am glad that haven’t ended your life. You story will greatly impact someone’s life, and I can say that because it has impacted me.

  2. Damn he look like aint no flame touched him til u look mad close. Wish i could say the same lmfao. i got my face messed up years ago when i arrested and the cops rubbed the right side of my face against pavement causing my skin to basically peel off (nypd for ya,my ma was deadass ready to sue til she found out i had a warrant out lmaoo)…broke my nose ripped my lip, n my face is permanently scarred. it looks kinda like burns , just bumpy as shit. i can definitely see how it can mess u up if u put ur worth up to ur physical appearance like it seems this dude does…wish him the best on his journey.

  3. Depression is serious and I don’t wish it on anyone, but these instagram models are in for rude awakening when they become has beens or when their looks fade. It’s so risky to build your brand and self worth on your appearance. Times a thief and bowdy and face will fade.

  4. doesn’t appear to me that the fire or burns humbled him enough, as here he is..once again parading his face and body wrapped in a towel, in front of a camera lens. that’s the purpose he is MISSING! part of that accident was designed to refocus him away from his physical appearance and more so into his soul. I cant feel the least bit sorry for folks who miss the message and always Always ALWAYS go running back to social media for accolades, validation and attention. the MOMENT his skin healed…here he is again flaunting. UGH!

    1. Your clearly unattractive. So what are u saying he was suppose to not ever heal & smile again ? People like you are disgusting y’all wait for tragedies to happen to people to say it’s their lesson . Newsflash even burned survivors want to feel beautiful in-fact we all do . Just because u care less don’t mean you don’t care . Sounds like you are upset he healed & got his confidence back. It’s confidence to show what u been through & keep going . He shouldn’t have to hide himself whether he looks good or bad . Your part of the problem .

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