the fox, the wolf, and the restaurant

“i really needed to get out,” i said,
walking behind davis towards the restaurant.

i’ve been cooped up in my crib for the last few months.
the only thing i’ve done is go to get groceries and haircuts.
i haven’t seen a restaurant since february due to the rona.
the new wolf i started talking to,
wanted to take me out to a restaurant in the city.
it was doing limited capacity,
but we were still able to eat inside.

“what you tryna order?” i asked,
looking at my girl’s nails.
her favorite color.

she is always so indecisive.
it annoys me because i already know what i want,
but it takes her forever to make a decision.
i wanted to get out because i was tired of hearing her mouth.
she always complains that i don’t pay attention to her.

this should shut her…


jamari walked in the door and WHO THE FUCK is that pineapple with him…

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when love dies in your arms on the dance floor

we can spend a lifetime searching for the love of our lives.
dating ain’t easy ya’ll.
it requires a shit ton of energy tbh.
in this life,
we meet some males and think:


…and a majority of the time,
it turns out to be “the one who was sent from satan“.

i haven’t given up on finding someone,
but i’m taking a sabbatical.
if someone comes along,
i’ll entertain,
but i’m done searching.
the following story broke my heart today.
life can have a weird sense of humor.
it was about a gay male by the name of pierre,
who moved from paris to atlanta.
he met the love of his life and well…

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i knew we were gonna f*ck before dinner

we didn’t speak when we walked into my apartment.

there was nothing to say really.
this has been a build up since we first laid eyes on each other.

“i’m not hungry.” i said, while we were at dinner.

“why not?” he said, a look of disappointment on his face.

“i don’t want to eat anything because we are gonna fuck tonight.”

his eyes lit up.

“i’ve waited a long time for you.
i want to fuck.”

that’s when he knew i wasn’t playing any games and quickly asked for the check…

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the story that has been “the story” for many on social media

he was told the proper steps in cleaning himself out.
it was weird af to him that he had to shit his brains out before every sexual encounter.
unless a vixen was on her period,
he didn’t think it was this much of a hassle to have sex.
well you can’t have gay sex without making sure you are fully clean and an empty stomach.
those were the rules so he spent hours making sure the water after the enema was clear.

“If you shit on me,
that would not make me happy.” – was what was told to him.

he never did it before so take a chill pill.
he doesn’t even have gay friends to show him the ropes either.
thank God he found a “before anal sex” guide on google.
before all of this,
he was homophobic af,
but he got approached with the opportunity of a lifetime…

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A Demon Was Trying To Get Eve Out Here

i love me some eve.
i have supported her career since the start.
watched the tv show and bought the music.

sidebar: i remember i met up with some wolf,
 years ago in the summer,
at downtown; les.
we were at a bar he managed,
just talking,
and this pretty vixen walks past with a friend.
he goes “yo you peep eve?”.
when i look,
she was standing waiting to cross the street.
i saw her briefly,
but she is so pretty in person.
i wanted to go up to her,
but i like to give celebs space and not be “that person”.

eve shared a story on her show,
“the talk”,
about how she was drugged at an industry party.
this is what she had to say
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