once upon a time…

…there was a Fox who thought he was the most invisible guy in the forests.

“If I’m supposedly attractive,
why am I not being treated that way?”
he’d ask his late friend,
Star Fox.

Star Fox would notice wolves checking him out but for some reason,
the Fox never saw it for himself.
he would go out and feel lost in the forest of indifference.
it echoed the loneliness of his youth,
where he felt unseen and insignificant.
but then in 2020,
a turning point in his life happened…

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raggedy andy still has to show up when no one else does


one year for christmas in barbados,
the primary school i went to threw this huge event for us before vacation.
i remember seeing tons of presents in the school yard.
i went to a prestigious private school so kids were upper middle to rich.
so the presents were big and beautiful wrapped.
i didn’t want to get my hopes up that i would see anything for me.
all the kid’s parents had shown up but i didn’t see anyone there for me.
my mother,
i think,
was on a plane headed somewhere.
my father didn’t show up.
none of my other family member showed up either.
it was just me alone in that school,
watching proud parents cheering on their kids.
so i go to the pile and look through to see if i see anything for me.
i see one little box with my name on it…

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creepin’ on the down low

So I creep yeah
‘Cause he doesn’t know what I do
And no attention goes to show…”

you remember that moment when you saw your work crush?
you didn’t know his name but you became the f-bi to get it?
that was levon and i.
episode 5 is up and here is an excerpt…

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cum and read me (season 1)

many of the foxholers like when i write stories.
ya’ll know i was in my bag with the short sex stories in foxhole’s past.
i decided to start writing a story and…

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the fox, the wolf, and the restaurant

“i really needed to get out,” i said,
walking behind davis towards the restaurant.

i’ve been cooped up in my crib for the last few months.
the only thing i’ve done is go to get groceries and haircuts.
i haven’t seen a restaurant since february due to the rona.
the new wolf i started talking to,
wanted to take me out to a restaurant in the city.
it was doing limited capacity,
but we were still able to eat inside.

“what you tryna order?” i asked,
looking at my girl’s nails.
her favorite color.

she is always so indecisive.
it annoys me because i already know what i want,
but it takes her forever to make a decision.
i wanted to get out because i was tired of hearing her mouth.
she always complains that i don’t pay attention to her.

this should shut her…


jamari walked in the door and WHO THE FUCK is that pineapple with him…

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when love dies in your arms on the dance floor

we can spend a lifetime searching for the love of our lives.
dating ain’t easy ya’ll.
it requires a shit ton of energy tbh.
in this life,
we meet some males and think:


…and a majority of the time,
it turns out to be “the one who was sent from satan“.

i haven’t given up on finding someone,
but i’m taking a sabbatical.
if someone comes along,
i’ll entertain,
but i’m done searching.
the following story broke my heart today.
life can have a weird sense of humor.
it was about a gay male by the name of pierre,
who moved from paris to atlanta.
he met the love of his life and well…

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