creepin’ on the down low

So I creep yeah
‘Cause he doesn’t know what I do
And no attention goes to show…”

you remember that moment when you saw your work crush?
you didn’t know his name but you became the f-bi to get it?
that was levon and i.
episode 5 is up and here is an excerpt…

every response underneath was from a bunch of women.

“You are boo!”
“100% emoji”
“Damn right Von!”

every response underneath was from a bunch of women who want to suck his dick like i do. his Twitter was a mixture of sports, positive quotes, and retweets of pretty IG chicks. he has good taste in women. he doesn’t seem to have a type besides “pretty”. his media section was various funny memes about life and relationship stuff. the relationship memes ranged from breaking up to looking for another relationship. i sense he is just got out of something and might be interested in something new.

two weeks ago, he posted a picture of him that got over 200 likes. it was him from the torso up, sitting at a table in a restaurant. he was leaning in-front of a plate of food. it was a well done steak on top of white rice. his smile was closed but his eyes were happy. really happy. he was wearing a white and black vertical striped buttoned down shirt. it was loosely fitted on his body. the first three buttons that were undone so i saw the middle of his chest. i don’t know what looked juicer: his body or the steak. whoever was taking the picture made sure to make him look like the meal.

“i wonder who is behind the camera?” i asked myself. these kinds of pictures suggest he is not there alone. the way he is dressed and looking at the camera suggests he is on a date. it made my imagination go wild. in my imagination, i saw a pretty black woman behind the camera. she looked like the last woman he retweeted on his timeline. she was the same complexion as Lori Harvey, straight shoulder length hair, and nice tits.. it doesn’t look like he knows her but in my head, he knows her. in my fantasy, i’m transported to sitting at the table with them. she was smiling at him after she put her phone down. he licked his lips and continued to look at her. it was the look of pure lust. shortly after, i am transported into my bedroom where the hallway is lightly illuminated. i hear moaning as i walk out. when i turn to my right, i see LeVon with his pants down to his ankles as he fucks her against my wall next to my front door. he was holding her up by both legs while standing up. i sit on my couch behind them and watch him fuck her brains out. i can’t see his bare ass but i see the outline of his butt cheeks as he pumps his big thighs in and out of her. she has her eyes closed, her mouth is slightly open, and she is moaning with her arms wrapped around his shoulders for dear life. he is giving her the proper desert after the date.

my dick gets hard at the thought.

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