hey girl!

so i just dropped episode 8,
part 1.
it’s calledhey girl!“.
it really triggered me tbh.
i had to go back in time to a situation and relive how i was feeling.
it destroyed a friendship or what i thought was a friendship.
i don’t realize the shit i been through until i write this story.
here is a preview of episode 8…

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He Kissed Me Earlier But Is F*ckin’ Her Tonight?

episode 7 up.
here is a preview

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another “how to” reminder in bagging “straights” off IG

i have to font this

Give yourself props if you went after a male that claimed they were “straight”.

not because its DL shit but because you followed your instincts.
not only that,
you went after what you wanted and got it.
give yourself props for that.
you did something that many want to do.
they are paying for 2 second clips; you got the real thing.
some of you have bagged some of the sexiest off social media.
ya’ll have shown me pics,
and videos and i always ask myself…

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i was a boy who liked guys who liked girls but liked guys

last tuesday night,
before shit hit the fan,
i wrote episode 6 and came over to The Foxhole to update.
i was met with html code and a rudeness through customer service.
i wasn’t able to update but i am updating today.
here is a preview from “i was a boy who liked guys who liked girls but liked guys“…

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creepin’ on the down low

So I creep yeah
‘Cause he doesn’t know what I do
And no attention goes to show…”

you remember that moment when you saw your work crush?
you didn’t know his name but you became the f-bi to get it?
that was levon and i.
episode 5 is up and here is an excerpt…

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cum and read me (season 1)

many of the foxholers like when i write stories.
ya’ll know i was in my bag with the short sex stories in foxhole’s past.
i decided to start writing a story and…

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