hey girl!

so i just dropped episode 8,
part 1.
it’s calledhey girl!“.
it really triggered me tbh.
i had to go back in time to a situation and relive how i was feeling.
it destroyed a friendship or what i thought was a friendship.
i don’t realize the shit i been through until i write this story.
here is a preview of episode 8…

i liked Damien so far. i did remember that when it was him and i playing, because the rest weren’t in the bedroom, he asked me a lot of questions to try and get to know me. he asked me if i had a girl but i lied and said i was talking to someone. it was my default response. he said i’ll meet someone someday and put his hand on my shoulder.

i thought i met a new friend within this family, ya know?

the following all felt like slow motion when i walked up to the bedroom door. it was slightly open but when i reached to open it…

“You sure he ain’t gay?” i heard Damien ask Carl.

there was silence.

“i thought Jamari was gay when i first met him.” Will responded instead.

“Ya’ll are bugging. He ain’t gay.” Carl said.

“You sure? Are you sure that he don’t want to put a Hadoken in your butt?” Damien said, laughing. Will busted out laughing as well.

…and i don’t even think i was able to express my hurt that day.
thank you all staying tuned.
i got a lot of great feedback about these episodes.
i’m happy The Foxhole is indulging.
part 2 is coming later this week!


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