your straight card denies once you secretly mess with dudes buddy

You are not straight if you are attracted to me but still dating vixens.
You are not straight if you fantasize about me while smashin’ vixens.
You are not straight if have sex with other males for money.
You are not straight if you are engaging with males for OF content.
You are not straight if you allow another man to give you oral or eat your cheeks.

…even if you’re FANTASIZING and we can see you’re hard as a rock btw.
no matter how much these males make excuses for it,
they are NOT straight.
no matter how much they try to avoid the dude they’re attracted to,
all while secretly still watching from the shadows,
they are NOT straight.
your straight card has been declined at that point and that is okay.
so let’s talk about the straight card

many males hold onto their straight cards for dear life.

Many aren’t even acting masculine to being with.
They run from confrontation,
they ghost at any given moment without explanation,
and they want to be treated like bad bitches.

they LOOK the part due to “gym life” but many of them don’t ACT the part.
aside from that:

Straight cards are only valid due to being 100% attracted to women.

nothing will compromise that.
some males like to flash their straight cards while secretly doing gay shit.
i have no problem with folks being discreet or a tidy DL.
do you.

I do have a problem with the mental gymnastics some of these sus males put themselves and the rest of us in.

they are give off that they have an up-to-date bisexual or fluid card.
their actions yell at us that they are “down with the vibes“.

They are doing this.
They are giving off the impression they aren’t fully straight.
They are dropping hints they want to fuck/date/get to know.

…but they want to put us through mental and emotional abuse first.
don’t gaslight us anymore.
this one here that a foxholer sent me:

you gonna exclaim that you don’t suck on penis “butt”…

i’m not fonting that you have to go shout it from the rooftops.
if you aren’t comfortable with that,
you have ever right to be as private and selective as you need to be.

Like I font,
I have an issue with these kinds of males trying to make us look crazy.

so throw that straight card in the trash and figure it out.

1 thought on “your straight card denies once you secretly mess with dudes buddy

  1. Hey Jamari! While I do believe there are straight-identified men that are secretly gay/bi, I actually don’t believe having gay sex makes you gay/bi. Let’s flip the script. If any openly gay OF performer was offered a large amount of money to do straight content, best believe they would do it. Whether they have to fantasize about men while doing it or take viagara, they would get the job done to maintain and/or grow their subscriber base. Would we question that performer’s queerness, or would we just chalk it up to him trying to increase his income. Money overrides sexuality, especially for sex workers.

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