cam’ron and mase remember the time they ran a train on a hoe

“young” cam.
“357” cam.
“horse and carriage” cam.
“hey ma” cam.
“pink panther” cam.
cam’ron is fine AF and i know he got a lot of sex cause of it.
so the following bonding moment with mase,
who he grew up with,
i totally get it.
they were on the basketball team together too?
forget it.

on their podcast,
it is what it is
they were strolling down memory lane over good times.
when they use to gang bang hoes together…


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they are both aging well.
so the friends who slay hoes together; stay together?

i can see why she was giving cam more attention than mase.

since we are on the topic today,
i’m going to ask:

Is this sus behavior?

two straights running the train on some willing hoe?
both of them seeing each other naked?
i’m gonna font yes and no.

Yes: if the situation is a way for two males who are attracted to each other to find a way to be intimate with each other.

which means,
she is just being used as a stand-in in that moment.

No: hoe is attracted to both males and wants to get into a trio. One was able to finagle a bang with all three in the same time and channel. She is a freak and down for the ride because she is getting two dicks she wanted for the price of one.

my straight associates stayed trying to finesse hoes for train rides.
we were all teens with this wild shit.
some straights can be OD when it comes to hoes and sex.
if she is willing to get a train ran on her,
the males will be first in line with a boarding pass.
from what i’ve seen/heard:

Many straights are willing to engage in sus shit for the sake of getting pussy.

so it all depends on the individuals involved.
this is why i’m always baffled when straights try to act so different.
they do/have done a lot of wild shit that gay males do.
i think they’re more scared to be judged than gays are.

lowkey: its also “alpha male” shit with some of them.
comparing who fucked the best and has a bigger dick.
it’s like trading cards for their masculinity.

6 thoughts on “cam’ron and mase remember the time they ran a train on a hoe

  1. That last “basketball” pic, I swear, looks like the start of a gay porn scene 🤣

  2. Also as a side note, its not just Mase and Cam’ron, its also Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco; all these men out here just talking about their sexual escapades, I hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt.

    Also ,as a sexual side note ,I think gang bangs are much excepted in the straight community, so I don’t think participating in one in general would be considered suspect depending on what was being done exactly .

  3. I actually don’t mind the conversation, but I think its very tone deaf and crazy considering the climate that we are currently in.

    Many think pieces are currently call this moment in time the “ Hip-Hop me too movement”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves on the wrong side of some lawsuits.

    I think men especially high profile men might need to reconsider what they put out there for public consumption.

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