When Whores Talk About The Rapper Wolves After They Put The Pipe In Em

“I get so dick thrown at me, I got to dodge it like Mario Kart.”

I love whores.
I hate messy whores.
But, I love whores because you learn so much from them.
They are like teachers with a minor in journalism.
I remember the time I actually spoke to a real “stand on the corner” white whore who was a client of my friend’s brother.
She was telling me about how she became a whore, drugs, her pimp, and different fetishes she has dealt with from Wolves.
If you listen, you will learn too.
I got 2 messy whores below who some rappers ran through that have taught me a whoooooooooooooooole lot…

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So this morning Foxes,
I did something that changed my whole world.
….And it might just might change yours.

I was standing at the train platform,
When I turned to my right and this fione muscular dude was standing right next to me.

Not only was he standing next to me but he was also hovering around me. I was peepin Daddy out the corner of my eye, but I didn’t want to look uber excited. So I just went with the flow. I wanted to snap his body shot but I was tryna read the signs that were coming at me.

When he turned around, that is when I was visually inspecting the merchandise. Foxes, he looked like a muscular shorter version of Cam’ron. Like, “Confessions of Fire” Cam. Not… “I May Have HIV” Cam.

So when the train came, we walked onto the same car and I stood and he sat. He decided to sit closer to wear I was standing. There was an empty seat next to him so I decided it was in my best interest to sit next to him. I took off my headphones, paused Eminem, and sat there for a minute.

It looked like a winner so take a risk. I didn’t know what to say though!!

He had on basic summer apparel. Stuff that I would wear if I was lounging. He had on some olive-green baggy shorts, a white wife beater, his t-shirt on his shoulder, and some kicks.

Nothing about that was “yo where u get that from?” type of opening statement. He had a gold bracelet on but I was interested…….

…… But I did see his tattoo on his arm. And what a massive arm it was. The tattoo laid nicely on his bicep.

I took a deep breath and I tapped him on said bicep. He took off his headphones and I asked him…

“Yo where did u get your tattoo done at?”
“Oh, downtown in the city.”

Deep voice. Spanish.

“Oh its nice. I am tryna get a tattoo also but, I don’t know where to go.”
“Yeah in the city is nice.”
“How much did you pay for yours?”

He looked down and rubbed his arm.

“Like, 600.”
“Wow.” I gasped.

I wasn’t about to pay 600 for a tattoo.

So he said where he got it done at again and then put his headphones back on. It was a lot of eye fuckin from both parties. He took them back off and,…

“I am tryna get another tattoo.”
“Oh really? Where?”
“Right here.” He replied, and pointed to his other arm and rubbed that and his pec.

I lost my mind for 2 seconds.

“Oh that would be cool.”

He laid his head against the window, paused for a minute, and then….

“So where u stay?” He asked, looking at me.

I told him…

“Where do u live?” I replied.

I could not stop looking at his nice pink lips.

“I live downtown (and said his address.)”
“Oh thas wassup.”
“I know a lot of people who do tattoos.”
“Oh really? I do too but no one can help me.”
“Well take my number.”

U read right.

I took his number and showed him to confirm. I told him I would text him mine….

“Aight cool.” He said smiling.
“What’s your name?” I asked.

We will call him, Cam.

“Mine is Jamari.”
“Nice to meet u.”

He put his headphones on and went back to laying down. When it was my spot, I tapped him on the bicep and told him…

“Nice to meet u.”
“U too. Take care.”

… And that was that.

Even if nothing happens, I made the effort to go after what I wanted. I am more proud I took action instead of doing the usual bs.


Pat on my back if I do say so myself.

“This is easier than I thought.” I thought to myself.



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