…fuck u mean, “It’s Your Turn”?

Imagine you laying in the bed Foxes…

Your Wolf fucked you into submission.
You had to beg his ass to stop.
You tryna remember your whole name and he says….


Words I am sure every Fox NEVER wants to hear…


I’m sorry but I am a STRICT Fox.
Even though I like a fat bubble on my Wolf…
…doesn’t mean I need to know what his insides feel like.


I am completely turned off if my Wolf even insinuates that I explore HIS Wolfhole.
Go find you a vers to play those kinda games.

Now I may flick my tongue across his joint…
…may even finger the muthafucka when he is inside me…

… but I refuse to use to rest my hot dog inbetween his buns.

Ain’t hap’n cap’n.

Am I the only Fox that feels like that?

Video to accompany blog at —–> CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS SHIT

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “…fuck u mean, “It’s Your Turn”?”

  1. *laughing like Sophia in ‘The Color Purple’* Dayum shame. Don’t worry baby, I may like you to lick my spot occasionally, but you ain’t never gotta worry about me wanting your stick in the hole…I’m good.

    SN: Nice body on homeboy; wonder if he gotta phat azz?

    1. Well Daddy I am glad you are only about the sexin’ and not me dick-flexin’.
      Your Fox has better and more interesting ways of pleasing you…

      SN: I know he has a fat dick, as we all see *grins*

  2. And I’m confused as hayal at that video…da fugg? Iont get it — I either wanna fugg a dude or a chick, not Frankendack. Yeah…my lil confused homeboy can get stuck tho, anytime lol

  3. Jamari Fox :Well Daddy I am glad you are only about the sexin’ and not me dick-flexin’.Your Fox has better and more interesting ways of pleasing you…

    Oh really? Come over here, sit on Daddy’s lap & tell me all about those ways…

      1. Mmm-Hmm… *slides a finger down your back & teases my prize while flicking your nipple* I like that idea…got a few of my own too…

  4. If i dont even lay on top of my sheets, what makes you think I’m going to get on top of you? No ma’am. No way, no how. You are not alone on that. Versatile is just another word for bottom to me. And i don’t think ill ever understand the whole tranny thing? The boy is fine though. I guess he wanted both worlds? Bangin’ a fysh and then gettin banged by a penis? And yes, that makes him a bottom in my book.

    1. … shame cause he was cute too. Nice voice and all. virgin – which means I woulda trained his ass on how to lay that pipe right.

      … wasted on a chick with a dick. SMH.

  5. Hahaha…I don’t get the tranny thing either. Everybody has something against vers boys though…not every vers is a bottom. Some of us like to get poked OCCASIONALLY. But uhhmmmm…yea

  6. Jamari Fox :You just love em all, don’t you?

    This is true, what can I say? I have a lot of love to give! 🙂

    But you know the Fox I always cum back home to…

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