did baller, ismemen etute, beat jerry smith to death because he got head from a male?

i stay confused when straight wolves claim they were “tricked” into sex by another male/trans,
but i’ve realized that:

Some males,
whether straight or gay,
are really dumb and desperate when it comes to sex.

fuck first; ask questions later.
that is the story of the 18-year-old pre-baller wolf from virginia tech,
ismemen etute.
he beat 40-year-old,
jerry smith

to death because he felt he was tricked into sex via “roanoke“…

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age is still a number (12 year olds are NOT sexy)

i know a few wolves who lost their virginity to much older vixens.
they were around 10 – 12,
but started fuckin’ some she-jackal who was 19+.
now that the kids look so developed/muscular at such young ages,
it’s hard to really tell who is “of age” anymore.
for straight males,
it’s often bragging rights to bang a much older vixen.
it’s the same thing with the gays.
there are much older jackals and hyenas who prey on younger males.
 pornhub and xtube are perfect examples of it.
i’ve never seen a she-jackal get highlighted for her predator ways before.
she is 19 and claims she was “seduced” by a 12 year old.
she ended up giving him herpes too.
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There is Nothing Scarier Than a Threatened Manhood


some animals don’t like their manhood threatened.
how does one threaten someone’s manhood anyway?
they will take great offense you cross that line.
nowadays with the transgenders,
a straight wolf may try to holla and not realize what’s up.
well that’s what happened to islan nettles in 2013.
she was beat to death because she threatened a jackal’s masculinity.
well this is the story via new york daily news
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I Got A Problem (I Like to F*ck)

okyesso the text conversation took an interesting turn that night.
i was in the middle of watching monster’s university when sex the topic was.
well not how you would think:

“i won’t even fuck a bitch if a nigga in there.
don’t even think a bitch eatin my ass either.”

“but you would let her give you the sloppiest of throat?”

“yeah thats normal.
that other shit i aint with it.
if other niggas are thats on them.”

“wow sounds boring.”

i was starting to think my straight wolf was a prude.
or am i just a whore?
how did this all start, you ask?
well lets a trip back real quick.
it all started when i mentioned what my niece was telling me…
and this is NSFW,
and not for the straights...
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I Love When The Beat Is Hard and Clean

a2838537919_2i wanted to share this with my music lovers within the foxhole.
so i was just on wshh and i saw this video about gta v

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f0xxx: Pink Cookies In a Plastic Bag Being Crushed by Buildings

no no no.
this isn’t the ( x¬† ll cool j song ).
this also ain’t about makin’ love either.
this is sumin else a lot more nasty.
“sex me so stupid”.
hope you’re hungry?…
[ of course nsfw + 18 and over ]

x click here to have a quick bite