did baller, ismemen etute, beat jerry smith to death because he got head from a male?

i stay confused when straight wolves claim they were “tricked” into sex by another male/trans,
but i’ve realized that:

Some males,
whether straight or gay,
are really dumb and desperate when it comes to sex.

fuck first; ask questions later.
that is the story of the 18-year-old pre-baller wolf from virginia tech,
ismemen etute.
he beat 40-year-old,
jerry smith

to death because he felt he was tricked into sex via “roanoke“…

A now suspended Virginia Tech football player told police he punched a sexual partner five times in the face and stomped on him after discovering the person he thought was a woman was actually a man, according to arguments presented Wednesday in a Montgomery County courtroom.

According to the autopsy, all the bones in Blacksburg resident Jerry Paul Smith’s face were broken, his teeth were missing and he had multiple cranial fractures. The medical examiner’s office had previously revealed that Smith had died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Ismemen David Etute of Virginia Beach was arrested and charged with second-degree murder June 2 in the death of Smith, a Blacksburg restaurant worker.

According to those statements, Etute visited the victim’s apartment April 10 for oral sex after he was matched up with someone named “Angie” on Tinder. Etute returned to the apartment May 31 to engage in sexual activity and discovered the person he was matched up with was a man, according to summaries of the evidence made by both Morgan and defense attorney Jimmy Turk.

Etute also told police that Smith did not assault him.

Etute told the police he punched the victim five times in the face and continued punching them when the person hit the ground and “stomped” on them. He heard “bubbling and gurgling” as he left the apartment, but didn’t call the police.

Police discovered Smith’s body in the apartment in the 100 block of Blacksburg’s North Main Street on June 1.

punched 5 times,
but the victim’s entire skull was broken?

so i have a few thoughts on this situation.

1 according to word in the forests,
this was an alleged glory hole situation gone wrong.
 i couldn’t understand how he got head the first time.
from what i see in videos,
it’s usually a gay male or one in drag behind the door/wall.

( x see an example here )
i don’t believe that vixens aren’t doing this to suck dick.
they’ll usually invite a wolf over over and suck your dick in plain sight.
this is a possible theory.
baller wolves of all kinds get pussy and head on their campus alone…

Why did Ismemen need to solicit from some random he met online?

2 jerry smith came off like a predator.
these are some of his alleged messages to randoms on ig.

most of us have gotten these kinds of messages before.
jerry has a list of other charges as well.

it seems to me he was a degenerate jackal who was living recklessly.
the gay or trans community shouldn’t be claiming this one.

3 i need the straights to not label all gays and trans as messy individuals because of this.
a few bad apples don’t represent us like a few bad straights don’t represent each community.
jerry smith was running off the energy of wanting to seduce straight males for sexual pleasure.
i don’t even think he was a trans vixen tvh.
from all that is being told,
it seems that he was being deceptive and met his match.
should he have been beaten to death?
did he ultimately cause his own demise tho?
even if this was an innocent situation…

Why is a 40-year-old trying to do anything with an 18-year-old?

4 i would rather present myself to someone rather than be someone else.
i don’t want to be pretending to be “victoria poussey“,
talking some to dumb straight for 5 months,
fall hard for his ass,
and not being able to be myself because i gotta keep the charade going.
i gotta lower the lights down to 10%,
wear a wig,
and speak in the highest of pitches to even put his dick in my mouth.
it seems stressful af.
a lot of messy jackals do this and it leads to nowhere or death.


this is an unfortunate situation that could’ve been prevented.
let this be a lesson to those who think this is cool.
play stupid games; win stupid prizes.

lowkey: it appears he allegedly went to jerry’s apartment with his friends the day of the murder.
( x see video here )
is that when he discovered the truth and brought his boys to kill him?

article cc: roanoke

8 thoughts on “did baller, ismemen etute, beat jerry smith to death because he got head from a male?

  1. A lot of people say stuff like this doesn’t happen when it actually does. Twitter and pornhub has a lot of videos of people actually tricking people into thinking they are someone else. They will use a real woman to actually bait them into coming over. So yes women do play games like that. How else are you getting him to come over because a young dude with a hard dick want to see proof. Catfish has put everybody on game so now they have evolved it. Pay a woman to get on Facetime, Zoom, whatever, you send the text and bam, he comes over. You can’t blame these dudes for getting upset because they are seriously being lied to and don’t have intentions of sleeping with men. Let’s be real, some gays actually get off lying to straight men. This man has a whole profile of him in drag. Its straight guys who think Sydney Star, Amiyah Scott, Janet Mock are natural born women. At the end of the day, this kid felt embarrassed because he can’t be a professional athlete who got his dick sucked by a man. He wouldn’t make it in sports at all regardless how good he is. The truth will come out but who is to say the truth will be on Jerry side? He didn’t deserve to die but he didn’t have to lie in the first place. Its a bunch of rich white men who would pay to do that anyway, some for free and they aren’t even white. Jerry probably wanted to suck some chocolate and found a dumb kid but can you blame Ismemen. A woman wants to suck his dick; he’s 18! That’s all he thinks about. He got tricked by the bait and after it all happens a man pops out from behind the gloryhole, hell yeah I would be pissed too! Won’t kill him but he plays football, which means he is forced to work out so hitting somebody who doesn’t work out and that frail would fracture some bones. You know how many head injuries are reported from blunt trauma in football alone? Everybody already saying he knew that was a man, calling him gay, imagine going to school to that but worst. We see so many reports of white kids getting off because it will ruin them, yet we don’t even have all the truth and the young black kid is automatically guilty because he beat a gay guy up and he died from the injuries. Like this is America, this is what we do. All gays stick up for all gays regardless what they did wrong. Yet we see this all the time and soon as we hear about the bad side of it, it’s automatically “he knew what he was getting into”. Stop lying to these straight men to get some dick, your life is not worth it. You all can bash me but it is what it is.

  2. Sounds like there was a monetary transaction between these 2 men, and it went totally off the rails. There are no winners here. Mr. Etute is a young black athlete from VA —they will make an example of him.

  3. I mean has there ever been a GH that wasn’t a man on the otherside? Ladies don’t give anonymous BJs!

  4. These cases are so messy. There is always a 3rd side which reveals the truth. I don’t think he is telling the whole truth, something went down between those 2 that caused him to bring his friends to take revenge. He’s so dumb and young he killed the guy to protect his honor. dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Youth- it is so wasted on the young. He will certainly face 20 or more years and he will most certainly get his dick sucked by real men in his future home.

  5. Reading this gave me a bad vibe. That Man had low vibrations and was demented and that’s why he attracted such a twisted individual. That young man knew He was meeting a Man. Women don’t do all of this. Could it be there was an exchange about money and Jerry told him that he wasn’t paying for services? Thus sounds like a sex deal gon bad. They’re going to roof this young Man especially being young and Black. Nobody won in this situation.

    1. ^ there is more to this story.

      when they crack open that phone and read the exchanges between these two,
      the truth will be released.
      it is a really twisted story especially how he was murdered.

    2. Bingo..I thought the same thing.. something went wrong.. that young man knew this was most likely a man he was planning to meet.. Regardless, that man didn’t deserve to be brutally killed the way he was…He had a choice not to engage in that kind of activity n he did. Then he freaked out because he said he was midled.. BS.. no excuse can cover his behavior.. life in prison.

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