age is still a number (12 year olds are NOT sexy)

i know a few wolves who lost their virginity to much older vixens.
they were around 10 – 12,
but started fuckin’ some she-jackal who was 19+.
now that the kids look so developed/muscular at such young ages,
it’s hard to really tell who is “of age” anymore.
for straight males,
it’s often bragging rights to bang a much older vixen.
it’s the same thing with the gays.
there are much older jackals and hyenas who prey on younger males.
 pornhub and xtube are perfect examples of it.
i’ve never seen a she-jackal get highlighted for her predator ways before.
she is 19 and claims she was “seduced” by a 12 year old.
she ended up giving him herpes too.

why were those vixen’s beating her?

He was one of their little cousins

she went on live to explain:

 i don’t feel sorry for her.
she better hope the rest of the family don’t have a family day beating her ass.
i think it’s pushing it at 18 or 19.
for some,
it has worked tho.
aaron taylor- johnson met his now wife,
when he was 18 and she was 42 back in 2009.

sidebar: even tho that movie was trash,
he had one of the best sex scenes in “savages”

folks need to find interest in others at a legal age,
even in the gay forests.
there’s nothing but jail time and a foot up the cheeks for sexin’ with the kiddies.

6 thoughts on “age is still a number (12 year olds are NOT sexy)

  1. You’d be surprised at how common this is. Normally nthis post would make me hella mad but it’s Friday and don’t want the energy.

    Also, in some countries outside of here, the legal age is 15 and may be even younger. It used to be younger in America very long ago, as low as 13.

    I’ve come to accept that we live in this strange kind of world and you don’t even think about it anymore.

  2. I’m not fan of the cops but the cousin & her friends should call them rather than being judge and jury. You f*cked ole pedo gal up, now let the authorities take over, because this is clearly statutory rape and pedophilia, and circulating that tape is tantamount to a crime.

  3. Disgusting!!!!!!!! There was a time when I didn’t / couldn’t believe “women” did this. That was a long time ago ,yet this is still hard for me to believe that people do this. There used to be this Myth that ” our people ” ( Black ) didn’t do things like this. Like I stated that is a Myth so very . very sad.

  4. 1. Who ever is is possession of the video could go to federal prison. 2. The boy’s cousin(while well intentioned) should have called the authorities. 3. This … this generation needs to practice some judgment and not run to social media to broadcast this shit…

    1. Literally admitted on video ya’ll sharing child pornograhy. The street justice also can make them catch a case. What this girl did was way, way messed up but the cousin should not have recorded all of this evidence that can see her with criminal charges.

      Call the police, let them know whats up. You’re not the law, you don’t need a confession from her that looks like it was made under duress and can be tossed out.

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