is your body count higher than blueface?

i think rapping wolf,
is sexy.

he’s that strictly “11pm to 3am” hood ratchet that i lowkey like.
you already know he probably gets a ton of pussy.
big boi,
of “big boy’s neighborhood” radio show,
asked him how much pussy he has gotten in the last 6 months.
this is what he had to say…

someone did the math and he’d have to be fuckin’ 5 vixens a day.
we have to remember that he’s a celeb and has access to all kinds of pussy.
he’s probably exaggerating on the pipe,
but i don’t find his body count so hard to believe.
sex addicts do exist out here.

i don’t know if it’s because i’m gay or what,
but i’m not as grossed out as others are.
some gay males damn near fuck anything off sex sites these days.
they will get gang banged by like 5 dudes because it’s a tuesday.
i’m sure some gays will put blueface’s record to shame.

it made me think about higher than normal body counts.
is there even such a thing?
UN-apologetic sex is celebrated in our society today.
it’s “nudes” first; i may date you never.
“hot girl/boy summer” might turn into a “valtrex autumn“.
most gays are judged by the amount of males they aren’t fucking.
i had to wonder…

Is a high body count normal in today’s society?

…or is this really showing us that some of us are simply over-fucked?
this maybe a weird question,
but is it wrong to ask…

Is there such a thing as “too much sex”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “is your body count higher than blueface?”

  1. I think there is too much sex when it’s random people Everytime. That’s not being safe with your body or respectful with your body. I think having a few to several of the same people you fuck on a regular basis is ok though. That’s just me.

  2. I don’t take the number he is claiming literal but I do believe the number is probably up there tho. Like you said it’s easily accessible for celebs especially rappers but bragging about that is note cute at all!

  3. Perhaps he is/isn’t telling the truth. I still don’t think he’s attractive at all; he looks unkempt. The face tattoos are gross too. Total pass.

  4. He can’t even rap on beat, I highly doubt that he can count correctly.
    He’s cute but that dick is probably radioactive. PASS

  5. He’s boosting those numbers, probably by an order of 10.

    I think we’re getting back to the very open, sex-positive moment of the 1970s. Dudes be posting videos of 3-4 hardcore sex videos, while cruising parks, porn theaters, subways, etc., on Twitter, and it’s real sex, not simulated. That’s all I’ll say about that. Meanwhile there’s a lot of anti-sex and homonormative rhetoric out there too.

    BTW, on a certain site there’s a photo of Blueface’s peen. Bruh got a firehose between his legs.

  6. I believe him! Have you seen his nudes? he is BLESSED!! I know my college years were a mess I used to keep count but once sophomore year hit I just gave up!

  7. This negro is one of the biggest lames in the rap industry right now. He sounds like Wilt Chamberline when he claimed to have slept with 20,000 ppl. Not only can he not rap, but he isn’t attractive either. Just my 2 cents. Y’all can have him.

  8. Yet, if a woman or gay man did this, she a hoe and the gay man is a sexual deviant. #straightblackpride at its finest.

  9. More importantly WHO CARES TF I watch porn them niggas body counts is off the chain these fools luv to glorify dumb shyt fam and the lames that follow these clowns trend it🐍

  10. My body count isn’t that high not because I’m not cute cuz I am with an ass that can out twerk any bitch but because I’m selective. I know my self worth and every nigga that pays me attention isn’t worthy. Sometimes you just wanna be fucked but other times I’m just a tease. People out here fucking recklessly don’t value themselves. If everybody had you then what is sacred for the one you fall in love with and what is sacred to you. I know I got some good ass and dick so why would I waste it? Just for a nut? Just to say we did it? Nah!

    1. I understand as far as what’s left for your significant other but at the same time most people don’t think about sex further than the attraction/feeling ….everything else(if thought of) is secondary ijs 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. Hes good looking but I think that’s it I’m sure his count is a figure of speech tho I’m sure it’s high but men like him dont count and dont remember there names hit and go

  12. Wilt Chmaberlain had way more than that so it’s not a generation thing. Sex is old since the beginning of time. However Blueface is not attractive to me. He looks like a pitbull ironically. a Bluenose pit ctfu he’s funny looking.

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