so much sex that he was blue in the face

blueface is the kind of wolf you would see on your high school basketball team.
he is popular and everyone has a crush on him.
because of him being tall and probably has a nice-sized penis,
he has ran through most of the vixens and probably a few teachers.
in this hyper-sexual era of our lives,
people today have a ton of bodies.
blueface claims he has more than a few bodies in the last 6 months

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is your body count higher than blueface?

i think rapping wolf,
is sexy.

he’s that strictly “11pm to 3am” hood ratchet that i lowkey like.
you already know he probably gets a ton of pussy.
big boi,
of “big boy’s neighborhood” radio show,
asked him how much pussy he has gotten in the last 6 months.
this is what he had to say…
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