so much sex that he was blue in the face

blueface is the kind of wolf you would see on your high school basketball team.
he is popular and everyone has a crush on him.
because of him being tall and probably has a nice-sized penis,
he has ran through most of the vixens and probably a few teachers.
in this hyper-sexual era of our lives,
people today have a ton of bodies.
blueface claims he has more than a few bodies in the last 6 months


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he is legit community dick.
if you can’t get any dick from him,
you probably are wack af.
some of these wolves who are for everyone are easy takedowns.
they’ll take themselves down for you.
my question is:

Can you date someone who has had a lot of sexual partners?

unless you’re looking for a virgin,
you may encounter a community center in human form.
i’m more concerned with all the random energy that will be cumming into me.

all those bodies = all that energy
not to mention the possible STDS in the flaps of their private parts.
it’s not as attractive once you think about it.
this is the perfect time to:



lowkey: does he even rap anymore?
he could as well open an onlyfans and get paid for all this sexual intercourse.

9 thoughts on “so much sex that he was blue in the face

  1. I think that’s my biggest issue in dating I like more low key men

    In an era where everyone is exploring their sexuality and exploiting the body for likes and rts everyone is for the taking

  2. I wonder if he still making money of that one song he had. He does have a long ass dick outside of that he is far from attractive. Smh community dick wins again!

  3. That is really sad in my pov. I know how needy I was in my 20s & 30s.. I probably needed the RIGHT MAN to hold me tenderly and comfort my inner being. Immaturity rendered me unable to request that, and fear of rejection did as well. I just needed to nut from three to five times a day, alone or with someone.
    There is a dead cat on the line with Blueface. Childhood abuse and fear of abandonment lurks beneath the surface, I’m convinced that this is true. Poor man.

  4. And if He was a woman he would be crucified for having 1k partners. Idk he always looked dirty to me lol

    1. This clip is at least 2yrs old Jamari. There’s a clip of him saying that’s he’s been burned before. He said he was burned by a pretty girl and because she was pretty he thought she was clean so he didn’t wear protection…… Let that sink in for a moment. SMH. These kids are a lost cause.

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