omicron is bustin it down in half of new yawk’s lungs

i’m concerned for one of my best friends.
she is headed off to south africa for the holidays during omarion’s omicron’s world tour.
she is not vaxxed as well so her travel depends on if she has a negative test.
she is not with that vaxxed life and is into the conspiracy theories.
you know that buddy pass i had to go somewhere?


i was supposed to go see her for my christmas present and i refused to get on the mta.
new yawk has been hit hard since omarion omicron’s feets has hit these streets.

We have had roughly over 20k cases in the course of days.

it’s like that muthafucka decided it’s time to bring us to our knees.
it’s so bad that

You’ll see long-ass lines of people trying to get tested.

it’s legit like a movie.
on a normal day,
a city md out here usually has like 2 or 3 people.
it’s legit hundreds of people waiting to get tested.
reports are saying many of the cases are mild,
but i’ve heard of some people who are vaxxed and have died.

I got a haircut last week and I swore I had it.
It turns out it was allergies because a Benny knocked that bitch outta me.
The weather was weird af for a minute but now it’s cold af.

i’m grateful i stocked up on the k95 masks when cases were low and they were on sale.

i blame “the idiots” and our lovely government.
we were actually doing well but folks decided to steer the car towards the pits of HELL.
we are in a plague and everyone is still trying to be out here.
now look…

i feel like at some point that we will all catch the rona.

Some will die; others will have little to no symptoms at all

i pray that we can continue to dodge it as long as we can.

8 thoughts on “omicron is bustin it down in half of new yawk’s lungs

  1. The more they test, the more people are going to find out they have it, That’s why it is best to get vaccinated so you won’t have to go to the hospital or possibly die. And the masks are useless. The only thing they do is help criminals who are having the time of their lives.

  2. I’ve read several scientists quoted as saying in articles I’ve read that covid is now endemic which means it’s ongoing & here to stay. So get used to the covid lifestyle whether you like it or not. Not what we want to hear but the more we get used to it the easier it becomes to deal with.

    1. But with it becoming endemic, it becomes like the flu, and is no longer wiping everybody out left n righ.

      1. This applies to vaxed/boostered people; if you’re unvaxed it’s still a spinning roulette wheel, even if it’s endemic.

  3. Ppl are crazy. I have 2 friends w it right now, and another just lost his 102 yr old grandmother to it. Literally like 1/4, max, of the ppl in the gym are masked. Just because we have the vaccine passports sooo many ppl are acting like they don’t live in NYC and see what’s going on around them.

  4. Yes. Covid is very “Russian Roulette” like. You may get the bullet in the head or a blank .Why take the risk ?

    I have concluded that Covid is here to stay. It very unfortunate that many people have an opportunity to slow the spread but will not.

    [ BTW: I have the Vaccine and the Booster ,Wear Mask in public etc. ]

    Scientist are going to have to either find a cure or a pill for Non-Vaxxers/ Spreaders. It’s like how the law had to make people wear a seat belt while driving or a helmet to avoid killing themselves !

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