the complicated life and love of ernest diaz (made for tv)

i have a coupon for some money off celestial seasonings tea.
i love a nice cup of tea (liquid and in my ears).
i keep forgetting to bring it out of the crib when i go to the store.
here am i forgetting a damn coupon but ya’ll are good at keeping up double and triple lives.
ernest diaz,
who is pictured above from new yawk,
had no issue forgetting to keep up his pretty busy life.
so get this.
he had…

A long term girlfriend
3 young kids
Another girlfriend
His older John that he met being a sex worker
A boyfriend who ended up killing him the other day

it’s a lot via ny daily news

The long and complicated love life of Ernest Diaz ended with him on the wrong side of a knife, naked and bleeding to death in the lobby of a luxury Brooklyn apartment building.

Diaz’s unhinged jealous boyfriend chased him out of the shower — stabbing the victim and leaving him to die in the blood-soaked Bay Ridge vestibule on the day after Thanksgiving, according to cops.

The accused stabber, Vito Bauza, was set off by Diaz’s new coat, a gift from his newest love interest, according to a police source.

When Diaz was slain, he left behind his longtime girlfriend in Queens and their three grieving young children. And a new lady friend, who gave him the coat. And a former lover, Hank Harjo, who eventually became a surrogate father.

“This is shocking,” said Harjo, 80, who says he had a long romantic relationship with Diaz after the pair met about 16 years ago. “I never think people who love him would do something like that. This is psycho — like the movie ‘Psycho’ from Albert Hitchcock.”

The 21st-century incarnation of “Psycho” started in a shower but ended with Diaz rushed from the blood-splashed vestibule on 99th St. and Third Ave. about 2:50 p.m. Nov. 26 to NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, where he died.

“Yeah, he pissed me off,” Bauza later confessed to cops, according to a police source. “So I took a knife and I stabbed him.”

Harjo detailed the final and fatal twist in the 40-year-old Diaz’s romantic entanglements: He was trying to break things off with Bauza to settle down with his latest flame.

Diaz and his killer were lovers for almost two decades. They maintained an unorthodox arrangement where Bauza, who comes from a family with money, served as godfather to Diaz’s kids and helped cover the victim’s bills, according to Harjo.

But the arrangement had begun to fray. Diaz and his killer quarreled about money before the slaying, a law enforcement source said.

Bauza allegedly flew into a homicidal rage when Diaz turned up at his apartment with the coat from his new girlfriend, a police source said.

Diaz went into the bathroom to take a shower. When he came out, an infuriated Bauza was waiting with the knife, the source said.

Harjo met Diaz around 2005 when the younger man was a sex worker hustling outside a Times Square post office, trying to make ends meet after the birth of his first child with his longtime girlfriend.

me after reading this:

yeah so…
instead of hollywood remaking and ruining past movies and tv shows,
they need to take some of these news articles and make dope content.

I’d watch a movie or TV series about Ernest Diaz and his life.

if they can’t get anthony ramos,
john leguizamo
or jon seda then
get jordan torres in some acting classes and have him portray ernest.


article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “the complicated life and love of ernest diaz (made for tv)”

  1. Jealousy isn’t only as cruel as the grave, it will also lead you to one and leave you in it.
    My question is,
    ” How is during a pandemic that individual’s have so much going on. Are they not concerned for health and safety”?
    He must have been a dragon in the sheets.
    This is so sad. These crazy queens will kill you👹 over 🍆, or wanting to possess you exclusively. So so glad to be single and unencumbered by emotional and sexual ties.

  2. Yikes. These old queens start out claiming that they understand it’s ‘an arrangement’, and mess around and end up stabbing mofos up nekkid in the lobby! This is a terrible story. RIP to the victim.

    The part that trips me out is if the killer was gonna have a ‘kept’ bf, why he wouldn’t just be with someone who was willing to be kept and committed.

    1. That’s why I be telling these dudes stop accepting money from these weird ass old men
      No person In Their right mind is giving a man money for free

      It’s for future return of investment

      1. That’s what I’m saying tho. There are lots of men, just like women, who want to be kept by a rich partner. Idk why these rich men who want relationships don’t just date focus on them. It’s 1 thing if they wana use their money on a dude JUST slingin peen or ass, but don’t be trying to kill him for not being exclusive, when you know yall have never been exclusive!

    1. I find it strange how men in this thread are sympathizing with the victim when he was using those men for money. I’m sure a lot of you all have dealt with trade and know how they talk a good game to get what they want. The only thing I hold the suspect accountable for is the fact that he knew he that he was trade and lingered because of it. This is what the desire to have a “straight man” gets you: a man who will never love you; a man that will go between you and other women. These two men were obviously desperate and speaks to a greater problem in the gay community, which is the inevitable loneliness that becomes desperation for older gay men. He was a 56-year-old sugar daddy who bought the rose colored lies of his John until he got tired. That’s why I stopped messing with trade long ass time ago. I wish I would sit in pin over some worthless ass dude who needs me for a living. Bitch please.

      And the gf/baby mama is a stupid ass bitch because she was in on it. She was encouraging him to do just to put food on the table. Gay men with money aren’t safe from being preyed upon by either sex. The homophobia and disregard for gay life is rooted in the fact that they think they can use us because we’re not valuable to anyone unless we’re paying. We see this behavior on OF everyday.

      1. Please get off of the soapbox you’re on in EVERY comments section! The victim IS the victim in this story. Those grown ass gay men he dealt with for years, just like his wife, were fully aware of their surroundings. The killer paid for what he wanted, and then caught a case of built up resentment when he wanted more, and was unsuccessful.

        And for the millionth time, sooo many gay men’s so called obsession with ‘straight’ men is really just their desire for masculinity. Knowing that a man deals w women may just be an extra sense of validation that he is ‘legit masculine’ (and not just the most masc of his gay friend circle..) for some gay men in their minds.

        So many gay men want a masc knight in shining armor to come scoop them up the way their homegirls have been, but hardly any are trying to be knights.

        The murderer just decided to skip the haystack and paid for the masculinity he wanted.

  3. What a wild, tragic story. You never know what people are going through. I’d definitely watch the series. I also feel for his children, who are now without a father.

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