the complicated life and love of ernest diaz (made for tv)

i have a coupon for some money off celestial seasonings tea.
i love a nice cup of tea (liquid and in my ears).
i keep forgetting to bring it out of the crib when i go to the store.
here am i forgetting a damn coupon but ya’ll are good at keeping up double and triple lives.
ernest diaz,
who is pictured above from new yawk,
had no issue forgetting to keep up his pretty busy life.
so get this.
he had…

A long term girlfriend
3 young kids
Another girlfriend
His older John that he met being a sex worker
A boyfriend who ended up killing him the other day

it’s a lot via ny daily news

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how your online personal trainer might end up escorting one day

 for the last couple days,
we have been fonting about attentionistos.
so i was having a discussion with one of the foxholers today.
it was about why attentionistos who end up on “onlyfans”.
the ones who claim “personal trainer” on ig.
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My Man Was For Sale (I Don’t Sleep Alone Now)

you gotta pay for ^that?

that’s a question i asked today after reading this article.

x i live in new yawk city on a $1.5 million salary — here’s what I spend in a week

as i reading this article a friend sent me,
with a heavy side eye,
i noticed that her husband had a lot of free time.
in her list of expenses,
i noticed she is also paying for his gym membership.
even though i can’t see the visuals,
in my head,
i assumed her hubby is one of those hot “stay at home” dads.
you know the type.
she is working all day,
but his one job is to continue to look like “the fantasy”.
i also noticed she didn’t have a gym membership.
in the gay life,
those “fantasy” types only do it for a quick couple of bucks.
they don’t want to be known as “gay/bi”,
but use escorting to males as a way to get their (temporary) needs met.
males are using the same tricks that vixens use…

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I Feel Sad That My Highlight Reel Isn’t Like Others

that use to be me.
not as bad now,
but i have my moments.
i was doing some thinking today foxhole.

i’m always thinking,
but i came to the conclusion
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I Want To Be An Escort!

everyone always thinks being an escort is glamorous.
well how can we not?
we see all these unexplained trips and material possessions on social media.
the hot bawdies and nice clothes.
the alleged baller wolves stories that keep you wanting more.
i have said to myself countless times:

“…and why am i working a job for?”

that it all comes with a price.
the fantasy is the story being sold.
an f-bi sent me an article that about a gay escort named tyrice black.
he was interviewed by ian haddock of the normal anomaly.
tyrice actually got his start from the now defunct,
this is the story that had my hand to my mouth the entire time…
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I’m Charging 1,500 For Throat Because Rent Is Due

screen-shot-2014-11-04-at-18-04-18-e1415124361109so an f-bi sent me this story and i gotta say:

It’s a juicy one

so cruella de jenner is dating ^corey gamble.
i know.
corey works for justin bieber’s manager.
he is also a scorpio,
who is from atlanta,
and went to morehouse.
that morehouse…
i’m sure the following will connect some dots.
well allegedly,
corey has a hidden side.
peep this story from an anonymous escort
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