My Man Was For Sale (I Don’t Sleep Alone Now)

you gotta pay for ^that?

that’s a question i asked today after reading this article.

x i live in new yawk city on a $1.5 million salary — here’s what I spend in a week

as i reading this article a friend sent me,
with a heavy side eye,
i noticed that her husband had a lot of free time.
in her list of expenses,
i noticed she is also paying for his gym membership.
even though i can’t see the visuals,
in my head,
i assumed her hubby is one of those hot “stay at home” dads.
you know the type.
she is working all day,
but his one job is to continue to look like “the fantasy”.
i also noticed she didn’t have a gym membership.
in the gay life,
those “fantasy” types only do it for a quick couple of bucks.
they don’t want to be known as “gay/bi”,
but use escorting to males as a way to get their (temporary) needs met.
males are using the same tricks that vixens use…

they are working tf out daily,
taking selfies all day in different angles,
filtering themselves to perfection,
and advertising for the highest bidder.

i’d hope they’re using their bawdies to get to the next level.
whether it is male or female,
some of them are content with this lifestyle.
the gays been doing it for years now.
social media just gives us bigger platforms to work our magic.

you can literally hop on social media and buy the male of your dreams.
either for a couple hours,
or a couple months,
you don’t have to sleep alone.
so i had to wonder…

Is it wrong to buy the male you actually want these days?

instead of all that hoping and praying to find one,
you get your funds in order and look through ig.
there are so many sexy males out here for sale.

they’re literally begging for a new home.
straight males do it all the time for pussy.
is it really wrong when it’s two males?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “My Man Was For Sale (I Don’t Sleep Alone Now)”

  1. Some people have more money than sex appeal. Others are the reverse. That is what markets are for. As long as everybody is grown and under no duress, I see no problem at all.

  2. Well, personally for me, in my opinion, ain’t no nigga worth any money. I can tell you straight up, I ain’t paying for no grown man just because he wanna stay in the gym all day & sell a dream.

    I mean how silly does this sound? I work hard to earn my money only to spend it on someone that “looks good” because they stay in the gym just for the sake of a sexual act, like they are doing me a favor because they are “attractive”.. So they get the pleasure of a nut plus a paycheck for perpetuating a stereotype? Fine men come a dime a dozen but you ain’t getting a cent….from me brutha.

    I can’t tell anyone else what to do with their money but I wouldn’t even consider it, UNLESS he is my boyfriend and genuinely likes me. We go out and enjoy each other for each..I’m sorry if I sound like one of Oprah’s lost episodes…I’m just saying.

    Some folks are fine with living for the moment but I need something that will last a lifetime.

    But if you have the money to spend like all means, do you.

    1. ^i can see this side as well.

      i mean,
      we pay money for luxury items,
      and good food…
      is there really a difference than spending money on dick from someone you’re actually attracted to?
      although i feel the sex may not be as passionate than with someone that is really feeling you.

      1. I think in a way yeah. Personally, I don’t think humans should be treated like “items”. I know the money sounds nice for them but I kinda don’t like how these men are being pacified into thinking that just because they “look good” they get a free pass. Something about knowing that you mean nothing more to a person except as a nut or a dollar is a bit disheartening. Find you a nigga (fella) that appreciates you for you (and makes you laugh). Know your worth…and that should be priceless.

        Gay men already have issues finding a mate anyways, you’d think most of them would sit down and rest easy and stop playing Tomb Raider 24/7.

        I’ve always raised a brow at escorting and how it’s “evolved” into visual outlets like Onlyfans and I once saw something about some thing called payapp..and this guy was like send him money to this app if you want to see him jack off & they do these tease vids with a towel showing they abs, chest, or a slice of a booty cheek…I’m like…WTH. Negro are you digitally escorting your services to me for some Bitcoins? Not interested.

        We in a moment and time where dudes (grown men) will take selfies, use an Instagram filter and expect you to pay them because they figured out how to use blemish-b-gone on they phone…😓??? Because they sooo fine. 😂

        Them nikkas spend all that time buffing up in a gym, they could be out there doing some construction work. I bet as soon as a drop of sunshine hit em..they soft butts start whining..”Oh gurl it’s too hawt out here, let me go escort.”

        Sorry if I’m sounding like an Oprah episode tonight..It’s Friday…well Saturday now… 😯.

        My cousin always told me..”Get it how you live..” I just looked at him… Everyone has a different situation so..Yu nebne know these days…Get it how you live.

    1. Ugh! Really?!
      I never saw him or Derek Jeter as being good looking.
      And I hate how J-Lo gushes all over/about him, but I haven’t seen him doing the same with her. She seems more into the relationship than him. I hope he proves me wrong. Lol

  3. Theoretically everyone pays for their partner, man or woman, whether is be picking up the bill on a date or picking up the light bill. However, in this day and age, we tend to look down on others that pay sex or companionship as lonely, desperate, or foolish. These people are paying for a service that is being provided.

  4. Now where is Pierre to give the kids a lesson on this. When it comes to a relationship I want intimacy nd passion not just a paid favor. But what happen if a paid favor become more. Hmm To each his own. I’m not paying for a whole dudelol unless it’s Derek Tramel or my lol Dominican lol😂😂😂😭😭

    1. I knew one of y’all would summon me. I’m here so let me get comfortable. My reply isn’t directed as you so don’t take what I’m saying personally, I just saw that you mentioned my name, so I’ll reply here and discuss some things that others said in the comment section too.

      1) I have a nice body, quality skincare routine, brown skin, well built & in shape, socially adjusted, financially comfortable guy with multiple degrees. I would even say I’m handsome. An 8 out of 10 but that’s my bias talking. I don’t pay for sex because I’m ugly. I pay to streamline the process. Y’all don’t think I can go to the ‘hot spots’ in the city and use my wealth to lure guys, too? That’s actually the lame thing to do because in that case I’m not being honest and I’m selling a pipe dream. Yes, I have it, but once you give me what I want, I’m discarding you. That’s how guys end up like hurt or dead. I’ve learned not to play games with people who are not my financial equals.

      2) As long as there’s no coercion, sex trafficking, or minors or those suffering from some sort of mental illness, I have no problem with the sex industry. When I approach a guy, there are 3 things he can say: Yes, No, Let me think about it.

      3) Men who don’t have money will never see the logic in paying for sex because that’s so far away from their own lived experience that it’s really foreign to them and thus, scary or some other pejorative. If you’re making 6 figures a year, what’s $1500 or $2500 or even $8000 to give a person? It’s a pretty basic concept: cost benefit analysis.

      Also, I think there’s a piece of the equation that’s missing. The guys on IG are actually worth paying for. Why? Because they’ve worked hard to create a fantasy and thousands of people bought into that fantasy. A guy on the street who looks good isn’t worth the money. But a guy who has a bit of social media fame and is lusted after bouncing on my dick gives me something that is worth the money to me: bragging rights, interesting memories, good times, ect. Money just streamlines the rocess…

      1. Pierre I thought about you because I recently read an article on here some years
        about you bagging two Latino strippers lol. And bambi and thumper. Hmmm wonder have you ran into any of them lately lol. One being one of the guys from the Vivica Fox strip show. Hmmmm one only imagine what Derek Tramel does behind close doors lol. My weakness is for Dominican however lol😂😂😂 Hmm wonder have you ever tried Jeramie Hollins or Anthony Desean

      2. J, he makes sense when he says “once you give me what I want, I’m discarding you anyway”

        To use discard is a bit harsh, but A LOT of guys do that anyway, whether gay/bi/straight. Once they get the ass/dick..they’re gone. Unless they’re in a committed relationship, and even then once they nut…they’re rolling over and going to sleep. Lol

        It’s a “fantasy”. You’re paying for the “fantasy” like you would a vacation.
        If you got it, why not. I know if I had disposable income like that, there’s someone I’d indulge. LOL

  5. Jamari I’ve been tempted to shell out some cash on a dude; however, I can avoid paying if i find another BBC brother to do a 3sum on Rent boy. Yes some of these Rent boy who appear on Grindr and will do it for free it they like your merchandise. I’m going to wait it out tho, and get a roll dog at the opportune time to put boy ass to rest. Also some have legit professional jobs, but need that extra money and that Rent boy list is growing as we speak.

  6. I’ve paid to get what I want when I want it! Without the: baby mama, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife drama some men like to bring! I say let two or more consenting adults do what they want!

    1. I’m inclined to agree with this comment. Get it when you want, with WHOMEVER you want…no drama strings attached.

  7. If your bank account right and you aint stressing money then who are you to tell me how to spend my money lol Some people spend their money on chanel bags and red bottoms for self gratification, some spend it on a night of clubbing and fast food and weed, some spend theirs at the casino and some spend it on a well needed night of hott sex with the man of their dreams lol 🤷‍♂️ As long as its two consenting adults i could care less where you spend your money, rich white men do it all the time.

  8. Eh I get paying for convenience if you have the bread, but I feel like when it’s a person things are different.

    When I buy a product it’s mine and mine alone, it hasn’t traveled all over town and been used by anyone who could afford it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Then the thought of fucking or “spending time” with someone that obviously doesn’t think I’m attractive enough for them since I have to pay them, makes my dick soft frankly. When they’re engaging in sex with you, telling you it feels good and all that other bullshit, they’re essentially patronizing you lol.

    So if I engaged buying someone, I would feel pretty lowly. I’ve gotten too much, good, exclusive, free ass for that.

    1. I understand how you feel but you and me are two totally different breeds lol i could care less for love and affection and if he really thinks im cute if im paying him for sex, i just paid you to bend over and leave 😂 So if anybody should feel low it should be him not me lol I already came into the situation knowing what the deal was so no love lost here…your money is on the nightstand! ✌️

      1. I spoke about mutual attraction, not love and affection lol.

        These dudes do not need to be compensated to bend over and leave. Most are conditioned to do that anyway.

        I get it though, you’re paying for a dude you feel is unattainable in some way, but I just couldn’t do it knowing someone is likely smashing that same “unattainable” dude for free while I’m paying lol

        I’m the same way with dating. Why would I take someone out on an expensive date when they’re fucking dudes that won’t even buy them a taco?

        Different strokes though…

  9. O Jamari I’m just waiting on a Derek Tramel reveal all if there ever is one. You hear that Pierre it’s time you do another interview with the fox hole. Hmmm curious Pierre have you ever heard of someone by the name of Christopher Gatewood he is cute his ig seige15097. Jamari you need to take a trip to puerto rico and check this rican wolf out by the name of Juan Morales ig kingjay2790 lol he has an impressive package as well lol😂

    1. Yo Christian…that’s King from BiLatinMen. He got a nice piece on him…and he fucks very well.
      Been looking for his IG! Thanks! Lol

    2. Ahhh, Derek Tramel lol. As for Gatewood and Morales, neither was on my radar until now. I like Gatewood but I wouldn’t reach out to him. I only reach out to guys who have an email in their ig bios. 🙂

      1. Pierre Haha Juan is sexy AF he got a nice package to lol he can fuck to lol. I get wet every time I see him and I’m a top lol😂😂😂 Lol I love my Puerto Ricans and Dominicans lol. Chris is straight however. Juan also has a twin by the name of Felix lol! If you do get Juan you better share every detail with the foxhole lol. He like them all. Christian no problem man good to see you found them!

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