Please Tell Me This Ain’t The Real “Lana Del Rey” (Ugh)

i’m disappointed with lana del rey.
i like her and listen to her music,
but the following video has me looking at her sideways.
so a fan wanted to take a selfie with her after the met gala.
this is what happened via tmz

…maybe she wasn’t in the mood?
i’ve seen other videos with her with fans and she was cool.
i don’t know what was that about.
i’ll need her to get it together tho.
i kinda see why you don’t meet your favs.
you may ended up disappointed.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Please Tell Me This Ain’t The Real “Lana Del Rey” (Ugh)”

  1. From what u read from people who were “there” the guy took two precious pics with her but didn’t like how he looked in the pic and asked for a third one which was captured on the video.

  2. I’ve been turned off from her since that fan broke into her home and told how he saw alot of books on witchcraft and paganism, not a reputable source i know, but for some reason i belive it, and now listening to her already dark toned music jus feels uncomfortable🙈🙉🙊

    1. “A fan broke in her home and saw….”. Whatever he saw is irrelevant, he broke in her home!!! That’s a crime!! You should look sideways at the so called fan!!!

      1. That’s what I’m saying, how the hell do people feel like it’s ok disrespect a person and expect them to be cool, celeb or not, there’s a level of respect that show be there

  3. This is what happens when we idolize these no talent hacks. Chick can’t sing her way out of a paper bag yet she feels the need to be a diva.

  4. We’re in an era where people accept video evidence too quickly. That man was on her time acting like HE was the damn celebrity. Lana doesn’t even bite her tongue in her music.
    If you listen closely, it went like this:
    Fan: I wanna do more.
    Lana: No, here.
    Fan: Oh yeah.
    Lana: Well you know what? Fuck it.

  5. You can’t believe everything you see in videos. Plus celebrities are humans too. They are bound to make a mistake or have a bad day. Maybe go off on your ass if you are out of pocket!!

  6. Lord I had to clutch my chest tight! Lana is forever bae! But it looks like ol boy was being extra aggy bout the pics. Like bro, I’m being kind enough to take this picture with you, just snap it and go!

  7. I’m sorry but it’s the common rule that if star agrees to a selfie or a picture – they set the rules. If a person was trying to make a video or annoying her in her free time – no wonder this happened

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