My Man Was For Sale (I Don’t Sleep Alone Now)

you gotta pay for ^that?

that’s a question i asked today after reading this article.

x i live in new yawk city on a $1.5 million salary — here’s what I spend in a week

as i reading this article a friend sent me,
with a heavy side eye,
i noticed that her husband had a lot of free time.
in her list of expenses,
i noticed she is also paying for his gym membership.
even though i can’t see the visuals,
in my head,
i assumed her hubby is one of those hot “stay at home” dads.
you know the type.
she is working all day,
but his one job is to continue to look like “the fantasy”.
i also noticed she didn’t have a gym membership.
in the gay life,
those “fantasy” types only do it for a quick couple of bucks.
they don’t want to be known as “gay/bi”,
but use escorting to males as a way to get their (temporary) needs met.
males are using the same tricks that vixens use…

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When The Going Get Tough, The Tough Leap Off A Roof To Their Death

i notice when snow wolves lose all their money,
they tend to head to suicide.
that is pretty much what their life is based on.
it’s always something painful too.
well charles w. murphy,
a hedge fund snow wolf,
who lost a shit load of money due to bernie madoff’s ponzi scheme,

decided to kill himself on monday in new yawk.
this is the story via totpi
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