When The Going Get Tough, The Tough Leap Off A Roof To Their Death

i notice when snow wolves lose all their money,
they tend to head to suicide.
that is pretty much what their life is based on.
it’s always something painful too.
well charles w. murphy,
a hedge fund snow wolf,
who lost a shit load of money due to bernie madoff’s ponzi scheme,

decided to kill himself on monday in new yawk.
this is the story via totpi

A former hedge fund executive jumped to his death from the luxury Sofitel New York Hotel on Monday afternoon, authorities said.

Charles Murphy, 56, whose hedge fund reportedly invested billions of dollars in clients money with Bernie Madoff, leaped from the 24th floor of the 45 W. 44th St. building around 4:42 p.m. and landed on a fourth-floor terrace, according to police sources.

The New York Times reported in 2009 that Murphy’s hedge fund, Fairfield Greenwich Group, invested more than $7 billion with Bernard Madoff, and lost much of their clients’ money in his infamous Ponzi scheme.

Murphy owned a multi-million limestone town house in the heart of Lenox Hill.

A person who answered the door Monday night said the family was grieving.

Emergency crews had a hard time getting to his body on the terrace but eventually did, authorities said.

The incident was reported at 4:42 p.m. at 45 W. 44th St., when witnesses said the man leaped from the tower of the hotel, then landed on a roof that is in-set from the street, about four stories up.

imagine staying at that hotel and this asshole lands on your terrace?
he hit so hard,
he broke the damn tiles.
he was dressed for his exit tho.
he leaves behind a wife and two cubs.
i don’t even think they can get insurance money due to suicide.
i mean….
if you gonna kill yourself,
at least let us mourn with the money to start a new life.
i wonder what made him want to end his life now?
his happened like 7 years ago with bernie madoff.
something must have been coming to the light.
i’m sure it was hard for him to start over since he was in debt.
i feel like “rich animal problems” are different than “everyday animal problems”.
some of us have been forced to start over from scratch.
suicide can be in mind,
but we get it together and keep it moving.
when the rich folks have to start over,
it is a dramatic drop from grace.
no pun intended.
life changes and the luxuries they once could afford dry up.
i feel for the wife,
and anyone who had to witness that scene.

lowkey: i see he ( x moved a property in the wife’s name ) before he died.

read more about it: daily mail

article taken: totpi

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “When The Going Get Tough, The Tough Leap Off A Roof To Their Death”

  1. I aint shedding no tears for this Crook, he ruined countless lives with his greed. His family will be just fine, he has money in offshore accounts that will take care of them for generations to come. He must have been under an indictment and was going down. Snow people are weak that is why they make rules to keep everybody else down so that they can appear strong. He took the easy way out. I am sure the family will get even more money when they make movies and books about this.

  2. Well I read he was suffering from depression and was taking antidepressants.I feel sorry for anybody who feels so hopeless that they feel their loved ones will be better off without them.I also feel empathy for his wife and his young sons.
    I haven’t read anything that suggest he wasn’t a victim like the other victims who invested with Madoff.He lost billions of his and his clients money from what I have read.I believe he would have been indicted if he was involved with Madoff in scamming people.So RIP

  3. Damn. It’s terrible thing to feel like offing yourself is the ONLY way to “fix” what’s going on…

    1. ^This! But people become so accustomed to a specific lifestyle that when they can no longer live that lifestyle, they feel they have to end their life. I feel like if a person had nothing initially, and then came into their fortune, perhaps they could deal with the loss more-so than a person who’s never had to live a “moderate” lifestyle. Basically, people who are “less fortunate” tend to be able to deal with issues better than “affluent” people.

      I wish this man’s family peace, because having to deal with someone taking their life in such a drastic measure has to be hard. The fact that they’ve taken his/her life alone is hard to deal with. There may be more to this story, but for the time being, I’ll pray for them.

      1. ^you hit the nail on the head c.
        the part of being rich and then having to downgrade can be a huge issue.
        this is why some of their own cubs kill them for taking away cell phones and cars.

  4. More than likely, there was a clause that suicide could not be cause of death with a certain number of years after the policy became active. They’ll get it…In other news, he landed on my fucks, and ioun know what umma do.

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