Tyga Might Be An Alleged Bisexual

…according to blac chyna.
so when i woke up today,
i went to go see what was happening on snapchat.
usually thats where all the messiness goes down after hours.
i was caught up with blac chyna going off in her baby daddy,
this is what she said in her snap story…

you don’t have his number?
i mean…
this early morning dragging comes from tyga allegedly not putting money in king’s trust.
king is their handsome cub.
tyga has been allegedly telling everyone chyna is blowing up his phone to get back with him.

a part of me feels like this is a scheme.
she did put her address at the end of the story so it could have been real.
tyga being an alleged bisexual is not a shocker to me.
i’m not entirely shocked at that revelation.
neither is him having these alleged money issues.
i’m more shocked that the vixens he has dated may have been/be okay with it.
you know the world is changing when males getting called out about their side males now.

lowkey: if tyga is allegedly bi,
he would make a good one.
you see those lips of his?
i bet he could suck the soul out of…

he is light skin and got tatts just like society likes it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Tyga Might Be An Alleged Bisexual

  1. She could have picked up her phone and texted him instead of putting it all on social media lol. The address at the end is to the Lash business she owns here in California.

  2. That Rob & Blac money must have dried up lol . Why didn’t she just go to court like a normal sensible person… wait ok nevermind…

  3. bless this women heart. having babies by guys for money is a hoe.
    nothing more or nothing less.
    when will these girls stop it, it’s not a good.

  4. She is being dragged now for being homophobic for the “fag” comment. People are saying she takes appearance fee money at Black Gay Pride Events but she turns around and calls her ex a derogatory term, equating this to how she feels about gay men. I think most women are like this if the truth be told, they love you as an accessory to their life but never see you as nothing more. These people who live their whole life on Social Media are suspect for being truthful about anything. She knows his broke ass does not have any money and the Kardashians are sponsoring him, she should just call Kris and tell her to cut a check.

    1. Is it derogatory and hypocritical when other gay men use it when theyre all up and through gay events?

      The context she used it in was not even targeting gay men, just ONE MAN in particular.

      Gays are butt hurt for no reason.

      1. That is the one word that is the lowest blow you can give to a Black Man when you are arguing and upset which she clearly was. I have used this term in a negative way to address dudes I was arguing with, so I cant say shit. It is the snow gays who are most upset, the black ones will still pack out the club if she makes an appearance not giving it a second thought. With the advent of social media we have alot of political correct people who want to jump on everything everybody says never looking at the context it was said. At the end of the day, none of these people who are upset are running her any money to pay the bill.

      2. Excuse you? I personally don’t care but it is NOT okay to use the word. I personally have heard this word one to many times as an insult growing up. As a child this word has made me want to commit suicide. I didn’t even know what it meant nor knew that I was gay yet until I kept being called this name. I had Google it just to discover what it meant and to realize what I was and haha I kept being called that. My innocence was robbed because of this word. I was nothing more than a little boy who liked to read and play with barbies and I was constantly tormented being that I grew up in a Jamaican household with 7 other males who are all straight. The nerve of you. Many children now are called that word and are dealing with what I dealt with and some don’t even deal they just kill themselves to end the torment if you are are gay person you should be ashamed of yourself

      3. YES it is derogatory and hypocritical in ANY context so don’t waste your time asking questions like that. Or at least, it SHOULD be, but idiots will choose how they use the language to refer to each other, it doesn’t make it okay, nor acceptable…

        smh. Why is this not obvious?

    2. I’m glad somebody pointed this out. And fuck this bitch. I never cared for her as I cannot take women who use babies as a paycheck to get by life seriously, she is nothing but a superficial airhead golddigger. IDC, if gay men use the word. That’s like justifying a white person calling a black person a nigger because “black people use the word”. GTFOH.

      The fact that she used that in a derogatory manner to attack someone just showed how she sees gay men in general. Women who mock men about getting fucked by other men are closet homophobes, especially since they use those allegations to try and attack the other person. And this isn’t the first time Blac Chyna has displayed her homophobia. Funny though this was the same bitch in Amber Rose’s “Slut Walk” wearing ridiculous outfits trying to fight off slut-shaming & labelling and yet she goes around to do this? LOL bye hoe.

      1. Predictable false equivalence.

        Black people turned nigga into a term of endearment and rarely use it to demean each other, but even when a gay man uses the term fag towards another gay men the intention is usually to insult.

      2. ^ I don’t think anyone should use those terms. But I think the ration between endearment and insult is similar among both groups. Most people show use it liberally tend to be ignorant anyway.

      3. @Jay…I cannot stand to hear black people call one another that word (nigga). They do it so freely and so openly, and I REALLY don’t think young kids understand the demeaning concept behind that word, and how dehumanizing it is. It is NOT a term of endearment. If they picked up a book or watched a documentary, PERHAPS, they might grasp the enormity of the word. But our kids don’t do that. Too into their phones and/or music or acting a damn fool. The little white, Asian, Indian kids…they have their heads in their books doing homework or reading, etc.
        Something is wrong with that picture.

        1. to answer your question Christian.
          Why children of color doesn’t read as much is because most parents doesn’t make them. half of the time the parents themselves doesn’t know how to read, which is sad.

      4. Christian. I agree. Both words are derogatory. I don’t see any context where they would be acceptable. For me, it’s simple. No one should use them, and they’re always offensive. Done, simple.I don’t have time for the “you can/’t use this word because x,y,z” club. How about, no one use them and let’s agree and move on? Simple. “A term of endearment”? lol, whatever. I personally don’t get upset every time I hear either word, or I’d be upset all the time, I’m not going to allow a word in and of itself have that power over me, but just because certain pockets of people think it’s “cool” to use it, doesn’t change the word, nor its meaning. We’re just not there yet as a civilization to grasp those types of complexities. If it doesn’t bother you, cool, but it doesn’t mean it’s not derogatory as a whole. The same way some people like to claim they don’t believe in the whole “we are the world” post-racial nonsense, is the same stance I take with these words. Nothing has changed, and from my point of view, the use of either of these words only hurts those they were originally intended, ESPECIALLY if the intended use it to refer to each other. I see it as nothing but counter-productive.

  5. Y’all gotta lay off the women too.

    I get tired of gay men down talking women when plenty of females have saved gay boys from ass whippings and defended y’all in school growing up when no one else would.

    Most gay men even get their mannerisms from their mothers.

    At the end of the day, women AND men are only going to treat you the way you allow them to. If all you bring to the table is gossip, talking about women’s clothes and hair yeah they’re going to treat you as accessories, but never forget most of y’all didn’t hang with nothing but females because most boys didn’t want to around you at all.

    I think the underlying issue is jealousy honestly.

    1. I do not think it is jealousy, but I believe it is resentment. I said that on here a few years ago. It is as if they are bitter because they desire the same treatment as women.

  6. Jamari, your newest posts aren’t showing up on your home page. I found this article through your twitter.

  7. There isn’t a Right or wrong way to use the word Faggot. She used it as a away to emasculate him…meanwhile knowing that making gay accusations about a male lover would negatively impact him in the hip hop community. The biggest low blow for a Straight male is to call him a Homosexual…often limited down to a Gay Slur ‘Faggot’ Hence why their was the whole Anti-Fag calling campaign done by athletes a few years back. Kobe Bryant got fine for calling a Ref this and Isaiah Washington lost his job on Grey’s Anatomy over the use of it.

  8. This allegation would not surprise me because he appears to have that vibe. I used to think he was cool and cute before Kylie, but I really do not like him now.

  9. Who the fuck is Blacc Chyna? She sure is salty over a pineapple that ain’t shit. Of course, if I had to go from Tyga to Rob, I guess I would be too.

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