can we font about the “not from america” bisexuals right quick?

you know what i like?
a good surprise.
maybe i shouldn’t be surprised with this following story tbh.
i like when i meet a wolf and would never think he was into other males

Until you find out on accident or he reveals it to you during a intimate moment.

by intimate,
he flirts with you while palming your butt cheek like a basketball.

the spanish wolf above surprised me because

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victoria monet and john gaines relationship is so interesting to me

the dynamic between victoria monet and john gaines is so interesting to me.
she always does her and he does daddy duties at home.
she seems more extroverted while he comes off introverted.
personally fonting,
i feel like this is the type of relationship that vixens and gay males desire.
i mean,
who wouldn’t?

You got a fine manz at home (that you know is home) that you don’t have to worry about.

some of us want full control of our lives and the fine manz too.
when she had to remind everyone that she is bisexual again with gayle king

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“i ain’t dating no bi man EVER”

I have learned in life that many vixens are full of shit.

that isn’t to font that all vixens are full of shit.
there are ones who say/font one thing,
proclaim a lot of big shit,
but do the opposite when they think no one is looking.
the ones online are notorious for the cap.

Many vixens are dating or married to bisexual males and THEY KNOW.

they only play they don’t know because they fear being judged.
it’s like when they break up with their manz and they’ll tell everyone:

He had a small peen
He was Broke
He didn’t wash his ass
even though they was online posting about eating groceries

…but was with him for 5 years faithfully.
so when i saw this bi male talmbout vixens STILL try to get with him,
even knowing that he messes with males as well

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dante the body is about to be married and not to who you suspect

some of us are blessed with “something” that makes people talk.
others have to do the most to keep us talking.
dante johnson aka dante the body falls into one of those spaces.
people need to realize that bisexuals date/have sex vixens too.
we live in a world where people can like/love both.

that male you see dating vixens can also like the menz too.
That doesn’t mean he is DL.

that means that he is a bisexual!


dante is an alleged bisexual and is about to be off the market

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i find the “steven crowder / anti-gay” types so interesting

it’s no secret that many males hate vixens.
they are only with them to breed and have shelter.
these wives and girlfriends end up being extensions of their mothers.
it’s also no secret many of these males tend to be fluid and fighting it.
far-right jackal,
steven crowder,
strikes me as one of these types.
as you know,
he got caught up emotionally and verbally abusing his wife:

…but when i went down the rabbit hole investigating steven,
i found this alleged confession

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he wanted to pull out on his own time but someone else did it for him (josh molina)

i always feel for those that are pulled out of the closet before they are ready.
some jackals out here really think they are doing something but…

No one cares about the one who does the pulling.
The pulled-out ends up getting sympathy.

some jackals’ evil deeds always end up backfiring on them.
ufc fighter,
jeff molina,
was exposed with another male in a video.
this was his statement

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