i find the “steven crowder / anti-gay” types so interesting

it’s no secret that many males hate vixens.
they are only with them to breed and have shelter.
these wives and girlfriends end up being extensions of their mothers.
it’s also no secret many of these males tend to be fluid and fighting it.
far-right jackal,
steven crowder,
strikes me as one of these types.
as you know,
he got caught up emotionally and verbally abusing his wife:

…but when i went down the rabbit hole investigating steven,
i found this alleged confession

if this is true,

this is how these types be fighting their sexuality:

this explains their anger issues with vixens.
can we normalize this?

These types of homophobic males tend to be gay/bi/fluid/something over the rainbow.

we know these types and we know how they operate.
i fonted about some of my experiences with these types:

How many far-right Republicans get caught up liking gay shit?

we have to stop acting like this isn’t the norm with these types.

lowkey: you know what i love?
these publicly homophobic types who look miserable with their girlfriends/wives,
but when they get exposed,
they look over the moon and in love with their white twinks.
loves to see that.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “i find the “steven crowder / anti-gay” types so interesting”

  1. Most of the ones out there adamantly protesting and expressing their disdain/hatred for LGBTQ+ community, those are the ones with some deep seeded issues concerning their sexuality or sexual abuse of some kind.
    As for Congress members…they’re just old fucks that are pedophiles and undercover bisexuals.

  2. I’m fluid asf and I just started exploring my fluidity about 4 years ago. Most of that time I was in an open ltr with another fluid dl male until he had to move away for his job so I don’t have a ton of experience. I prefer a relationship or at least a FWB, instead of jump offs. But I’ve been with a minister of a big church who started spouting off some pretty homophobic viewpoints during dinner about an hour after I was with him. When he left, I slowly ghosted him because I figured that he was a scandal waiting to happen, also he wasn’t that good in bed, and I met my ex. I was also with a pastor (I did not discover this until after we “met”, it’s not something you usually include in your Jack’d profile). We hooked up whenever he was in town. Ion gon’ lie, he had the wettest wap I’ve ever had–male or female. Politically, he was liberal and progressive but I don’t know what he espoused in his pulpit because we kept dialogue and pillow talk breezy. But since he was married, I must assume that his congregation didn’t know. I didn’t trip because I’m dl but I’m not a public figure speaking out against queer issues and if someone makes a homophobic or ignorant remark in front of me, 90% of the time, I call them out (the 10% is usually with females who I know to be vindictive and messy because it’s like arguing with a Trump supporter).

  3. I don’t know this menz, but he said it himself that he hates his bisexuality ‘phase’. The timing of this is ironic. My coworker was just telling me how he got hired for 2 gigs at like 1g a pop to dance in a cage for an hour for republican ‘get togethers’. Him and 3 other black men.

    But let’s ban the drag queens…

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