this picture of lusty and wet diddy is kinda… hot?

remember vibe magazine?

i never really thought diddy was fine-fine growing up.
drop my draws fine.
he was cute.
boxing baller wolf,
devin haney,
posted  a picture of him and diddy in a pool that has resurfaced…


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he looks really good to me here for some odd reason.
it’s thats sexy grown wolf weight.
i remember when i posted rapping wolf,
and his son:

everyone was obsessed with the son but i thought daddy was finer.

if males take care of themselves,
we can look really good as we age.
everyone wants to look younger but i think the goal is to age like fine wine.
i feel like many people are aging differently nowadays.

Sidebar: remember when our parents introduced us to their friends and they looked older in their 30s-40s?
Nowadays we meet people in their 30s,
and even 60s,

they can look really good for their ages.

diddy seems to be aging like fine wine to me anyway.

lowkey: i bet diddy’s memoirs are gonna be poppin.
he looks like he has had a good time and continues to in his older age.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “this picture of lusty and wet diddy is kinda… hot?”

  1. Diddy was cute but not like I saw sexy or fine asf…he was a bit…alot crazy when we saw him on those Making The Band show. Sheesh!

  2. I guess I’m alone I always thought Diddy was sexy because of his confidence and he didn’t gaf he had his own swag. Sn AZ was always sexy and those lips. Older Black Men 45 and above are my favorites. They tend to be more secure, financially and emotionally and know who they are.

  3. Diddy has never done anything for me. Return to sender. But AZ always had that round the way handsome appeal. Very NY.

  4. I had the biggest crush on AZ!!!!!! Sooooooo Phyne!!!!!

    These type of Dominicans are always the hottest( to me)

    When you dont know until they tell you or they star speakin spanish( ha ha ha )

    {Yeah I know “Weird” HUh???}

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