it’s dripping and i can’t make it stop (wet)

i thought i was about to lose my mind this morning.
i’ve had panic attacks before,
but this one was a little bit different.
so this morning,
i woke up outta my sleep around 6am.


the dripping was intense...

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Ironically, Lamont Johnson Makes Me Dripping Wet

i’d let lamont johnson dive right in.
i want him swimming in my all of my wetness.
after a long and hard work day,
nothing is better than a wolf taking a dip in your foxhole.
well lamont had a shoot for “envy saje” swim wear.
it was shot by “the cam killa” and this is what they did…
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He Has Me All Wet (and I Got Drenched By The Rain Too)

i think work wolf knows what he is doing with me.
he has to because this makes no sense.
absolutely no sense.
one minute he has me confused with the vixens.
the next he has me horny as hell when shit like the following happens.
i might not be dealing with an amateur
so after work,
we ended up going out.
the problem was…
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Derek Tramel Wants Our Blessing

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.36.11 PMnothing cheers me up better than some cheat meat.
derek tramel,
one of instagram’s finest,
decided to thirst trap on the lord’s day.
one of my fav f-bi’s sent me this blessing.
i’d be on my knees first thing this morning for this…
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Well We Both Can’t Be Wet Together

dark-ocean-up-net-126246well its not just me.
i guess that’s the good thing.
everyone is trying not to get wet,
but its pretty much happening to everyone.
lowkey tho...
that’s the scary part…
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WOLF MEAT: (336)

1108667_apple_heart_3you ever see something so juicy
you just wanted to take a bite out of it?
well this reminds me of those moments…

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