Well We Both Can’t Be Wet Together

dark-ocean-up-net-126246well its not just me.
i guess that’s the good thing.
everyone is trying not to get wet,
but its pretty much happening to everyone.
lowkey tho...
that’s the scary part…

i was talking to a blast from my past.
i remembered the number when it texted me earlier.
she was hitting me up because she hasn’t seen me in a while.
wanted to know if i was still alive.

still here.

she has been going through tough times herself.
her job fired her on some grimey shit,
the person she was living with stole all her things and kicked her out,
and now she is back at her parents spot.
dead broke and disgusted.
car about to be repoed.
looking for a job has been tough as well.
same ol story after interviews:

you’re great.
we liked your style.
we would have hired you,
but we found someone else.
okay bye.”

i feel you.
i feeled-ed you.
i told her not to give up.
i even reassured her on a path she wants to take.
she has the luxury to try it living at her parents.
so i did my usual:

“go team!
go team!
go team go!”

keep her feeling motivated to go on.
i know how it feels to need that pep rally for your dreams.
it was satisfying to know I’m not the only one.
everyone around me has a job.
with benefits.
it was also scary to know she is also one of millions.
in the same boat as i.
looking for something to help us keep a float.
lord knows who will do what in fear of drowning.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Well We Both Can’t Be Wet Together”

  1. Maybe everyone was busy posting on the CB post to see this. This is why you are going to be blessed so greatly it wont even make sense. You aid and assist all those you value regardless of past incidents. You are the definition of a good friend, continue to motivate and lead the foxhole. I know that with each day it will work out, it will hurt less, it will get better. You Win, in the End. You are destined for it, because there is always calm after a storm.

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