this is for everyone.

and hybrids.

i liked the last one.
ready for another round?

so everyone meet your new man.

you guys have been talking for a couple months.
you both decide to chill one night.
fun times at dave and busters with a group of friends.
when you both left to go home,
you got into an altercation over something you were wearing.
they try to take your chain.
you end up getting jumped.

he ends up not jumping in to help you.
he does try to break it up.
didn’t really matter.
this is you after the fight:

the reason he says he didn’t jump in is because he doesn’t know how to fight.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (49)”

  1. Its off to self-defence classes, for the both of us. Yet another ‘couple’ activity we can do together!

  2. I would agree with Alfred but I’d tell him that you don’t need to know how to fight kick or throw someone off me. Moreover, everyone has seen violence at some point in their lives so if someone is hurt someone you love or care for you know how to demonstrate violence.

  3. Man he do look good, but I have to break up up with him for a little while. Standing there while I get my ass beat is a concern. Big as he is and he can’t fight? That is a huge issue. He could at least though some weight around.

  4. I can’t even really imagine myself in this position because I fight for sport, lol.

    BUT putting myself in the situation, I’d haul off and whoop his ass so that we can be twins.

    The problem isn’t him not knowing how to fight, the issue is that he didn’t even make an effort. The least he could’ve done is gone down with me, lol.

    1. Your comment has me rolling, especially, “BUT putting myself in the situation, I’d haul off and whoop his ass so that we can be twins.”


      Not knowing how to fight AND not having my back, front, and sides are two different things. Don’t have to be a trained killer or MMA fighter, but if some shit pop up, you should be there.

    2. A lot of people cannot handle physical altercations. You can’t really fault them for that.

      The way I was raised, fighting physically was absolutely the last resort.

      I’m more likely to rip you apart verbally than to slap you.

      Words hurt more than fists ever will because they stay long after your body heals.

      However, if someone wants to get physical they better make sure I stay down because I will get up like Jason every time. Lol

  5. I thought about this a lot before I decided to respond.

    When I get angry I see red. There’s no logic, reason, or coordination when I’m coming for someone and I’m angry. In that moment I want to tear you open and I’m going to hit whoever I have to.

    I work with people that can be violent on the daily. I’ve seen some of them go off and I’ve froze up.

    I’ve always been an aggressive person, but not necessarily a violent person.

    With that being said, I think everyone should learn some form of self-defense.

    I’m doing kickboxing/MMA/and Jiu Jitsu.

    So while I may be angry initially, if I care for this person and I know them and their intentions, I probably wouldn’t stay mad long.

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