Jamari Fox’s Interview With A Vampire

last night i ended up in a white gay bar.

i didn’t plan it.
it kinda sorta just happened….

yesterday was a busy day for me.
i went on a job interview,
ran a few errands,
and met up with my hybrid friend i haven’t seen in a while for dinner.
he asked me if i wanted to go out to catch up.
his treat.
how could i resist?
after dinner,
we ended up walking around when this wolf walked by and caught my eye.
he was tall,
light skinned,
thighs were big,
gear was right,
and looked like a baller wolf.
we locked eyes and everything just floated by.
like one of those scenes in a movie where people move in slow motion and a love song comes on.
he eye fucked me like he should have…

that was our cue to follow him into the building he was going into.
i felt like being bad.
i usually like doing spontaneous things.
when we get inside,
it was indeed a white gay bar.
everyone was older than us.
they were also looking at us like we were a new course on the menu.
we sat down at the bar and some people started maneuvering towards us.
i saw out of shape, wedding rings, and bald spots.
i was completely over it,
but my wolf who eye fucked me senseless on the street was in here somewhere.


this older gentleman in a black trench coat walks up behind me.
his dark gray hair was slicked back and he had a ton of lines in his face.
my friend was already talking to some older guy in glasses who looked like he did accounting.

“hi! how are you?”

i am not one to be rude.
i have a habit of talking to strangers.

“i am well. haven’t seen you in here before.”

it will probably be his last too.

“just passing through.”

so we decide to start talking.
i had to try to entertain myself at least.

“what do you do?”

he looks at me and smiles.
i saw that look before in scary movies.

“i’m a vampire.”

ohhhhhh….. k.

“no no… i don’t suck blood, but i do sleep in the day and come out to feast at night.”

there it is.

he begins to tell me his origin and how he came about becoming a vampire.
he tells me he is a huge fan of vampire movies and the way they go about life is so free.
i wanted to ask him where does he work and still be a vampire,
but at this point,
i didn’t want him to talk anymore.
the closer he got to me,
the more i was nudging my friend under the table to go.

he apparently got the better white man because they exchanged numbers.
we left shortly after.
i still don’t know what happened to the wolf i was looking at.
maybe the vampire sucked his blood and he was dead in a stall?

when i got home,
i thought about mr vampire man.
we are all a little weird in our own way.
him being 95% of weird on the scale,
but was he a nice person underneath it all?
maybe his vampire act,
with costume,
was his way of separating himself from all the other men in the room?
he could be the “nicki minaj of the white gay bar” scene.
he could have been a fuckin’ serial killer too.

who knows.
all i know is i hope i find that fine ass baller looking wolf again…
and a cross for the vampire.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Jamari Fox’s Interview With A Vampire”

  1. I would have been so uncomfortable. Some people are really strange, but it’s nothing wrong with trying something new tho lol.

    1. ^i was VERY uncomfortable.
      white men look at you like you are the last man on earth.
      nothing wrong with that.
      only when they are scared of daylight and may want your blood as food.

  2. Lmfao I wonder what drugs he was on. And why is that in gay bars and clubs most the patrons are old, white men. It is very telling about being gay and the life you may live

      1. Wow! Sooner or later those homosexual feelings come out, can’t fight it. I bet they have children who think their parents are happily married. But Jamari this is pretty common amongst those rich older white men. I remember my told me a story about one of her older white male patients was were PINK panties for teenage girls. The sad thing though is when his adult daughter came to pick him up. When I heard that I wondered if his daughter knew that her father was a cross dresser and may be gay.

        I know people can be both attracted to women and men, which is fine with me b/c I am too. But my thing is do not suppress the attraction you have towards and then commit to a serious relationship with the women and then sleep with me on the side. To me you should explore your attraction to both women and men, in your late teenage years and 20s, so that you can figure out (if you want to commit to a lifetime relationship) whether or not you see yourself being with a woman or a man. From my experiences I see myself ending up with a woman. I’ve physically attracted to and have been physical both men and women, but I only had long term relationships with women and established an emotional connection to the women I have been with. The relationship I have had with me were only physical and did not last for more than 3 months, they have essentially been flings.

  3. WTF I almost thought this was one of your stories. I have never been with a snowbunny in my life and at this point dont plan on it, but I guess you should never say never. I always have this thing about them in the back of my mind that they will do some crazy shit to me. When I was 18, this old white dude pull his dick out and tried to get me to get with him at a adult movie theater, I was so shocked and traumatize that I ran out of the place, never to go back and I have had a thing about even talking to one since. I may have missed out on some good dudes but I just cant bring myself to do it, I am the only one of any of my gay friends who have never crossed over. You are better than me, I would have made a mad dash when he told me he was a Vampire and pled the blood of Jesus.

  4. eww your ‘wolf’ found a gay bar with old white vampires as his place of choice to be in (and probably get fucked in) and you still want him?

  5. I am not surprised at all. These old white men are probably retired doctors, lawyers, professors with money and want someone to fuck the hell out them!!! I lived in Philly like 02-04 and I would sometimes go to the theater @ 13th street and you would be surprised at the number of old white and black men who were out still looking for dick and was getting it!

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